Check out the 10 best wedding videographers in Bristol if you want to capture the memories made on your special day. Hiring a videographer is so important. This might be an area where you think you can cut back financially. Dad could just as easily hold the camera… right? Wrong. 

It’s about the quality of capturing and editing the footage that’s key to making a great wedding film. Your chosen videographer will have their own creative direction, which they will discuss in-depth with you prior to your wedding day. Take a look at the different styles available from this pool of professionals...

Heather has been a photographer and filmmaker for almost ten years. During this time, she has captured over 250 beautiful weddings across Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, and the South West. 

Her style is to capture natural documentary films. She’s the perfect match for couples who look for the less cheesy and staged styles that traditional videography offered. Heather also shoots with discreet cameras, and does not use shoulder-mounts, artificial lighting or other intimidating equipment. You won’t even know she’s there!

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Audio, visual, story. These are the three foundations that White Villa Weddings work on. They are a specialist wedding photography and film company based in bustling Bristol. They strongly believe in creating a film that you will want to share endlessly with everyone you ever meet. 

White Villa Photography and Films is run by Sam, who has captured hundreds of weddings in his time. He has built up a team of trusted professionals that are adored in the industry. The term “Wedding Cinematography” has developed into a fine art in itself, and is so advanced from the service that was offered by companies many years ago. Renowned for their attention to detail, there is no moment missed with these talented filmmakers. 

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You have spent months agonising over planning your wedding. Every detail has been meticulously handpicked and considered by you. It’s so important to hire a videographer that will notice the smaller touches. Stationary, favours, jewellery… you need a professional that won’t forget to capture the little things that you put so much thought into. 

Ivory Cloud Films is a team of videographers that make affordable cinematic wedding videos. Watching this film of your big day will be like watching a classic rom-com at your local cinema. You can expect all of the cute interactions between you and your partner to be captured. But you can also expect to see a few of the questionable dance moves from your family included too!

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Andrew McCabe is a bespoke wedding videographer that is based in Bristol. Although his work is incredibly popular always remains centred to Bristol, Bath, Somerset and The South West, Andrew is also available to film wedding videos across the UK.

Couples can choose from three packages, all with varying levels of interaction. The Silver Package includes coverage from ceremony to speeches, the Gold Package includes coverage from ceremony to first dance, and the Platinum package includes coverage from the bridal prep to the first dance. Check out the gallery on his website to get a glimpse of Andrew’s previous projects.

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Weddings are such a special occasion, which is why Taylor’s Photographic love filming them. There’s a wealth of excitement, emotion and laughter throughout the day. It’s such a raw and beautiful display of love, friendship and family. 

Videographers like Taylor’s Photographic help you to relive these amazing moments after the big day. It’s worth mentioning that time will fly by for the happy couple. You will have a constant stream of activities, and will be included in almost every conversation… the whole day is about you! There are some parts of your own wedding day that you might accidentally miss because of this. Don’t worry, as these videographers will make sure to capture it ALL.

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Image quality is paramount to ALS Videography. Founder Adam has a relaxed style that is focussed on capturing real moments as naturally as possible. The team are supporters of having a very open dialogue with every couple. What do you want from your wedding film? What type of couple are you? It’s all about injecting this personality and life into the finished video. 

Filming is always discreet and unobtrusive with ALS. The team will blend into the background, and seamlessly interweave through the crowds to capture the best moments. Thought it couldn’t get any better? The team also provide a highly professional video editing service in the package, which will elevate your film to oscar-worthy heights. 

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In the same way that every couple is different, every wedding film is different too. Farelight Weddings focus on telling the story of YOU. They will capture your essence as a couple and magically convert this into a digital format. 

Their “fly on the wall” approach is careful and considered. In order to capture natural moments, the videographers remain lowkey, almost as if they are part of the wedding party. The team have a great eye for creating mesmerising film, but also have a knack for choosing the perfect song to play over your wedding highlights clips. Check them out below. 

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A Perfect Memory became a member of The Bristol Wedding Network in 2017. They come highly recommended by many industry professionals, and it’s easy to understand why. 

With 11 years experience in digital media, A Perfect Memory are dedicated to ensuring that their knowledge, expertise and passion provide you with the best quality service at a truly reasonable price. This is a quality service using quality equipment. You can expect to see the latest HD technology cameras, delivered to you on a USB so that you can relive your memories over and over again. 

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Carl and Si are the dynamic duo behind Driftwood Creative Weddings. They produce stunning wedding videography all year round for happy couples based in Bristol, Devon, Taunton and beyond. 

A wedding video really speaks of the videographer. Therefore, it’s important for the happy couple to choose a filmmaker that really represents and understand them. The relationship between you all will result in the most cohesive and beautiful wedding video to keep the whole party happy. See a sample of their work by clicking on the image below. 

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Paul Tree Weddings will create a DVD that can be kept for years to come. This will be a film to show your children, and your grandchildren… and so on. Trust us, this will be a real tear-jerker of a video. 

Paul has been providing high quality filming and photography services in the South West for many years, and is renowned for his professionalism and ability to quickly adapt to all situations.

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