There’s no doubt that traditional engagement rings can be expensive, but here at JewelStreet, we know that with smart styles and material choices, you don’t always have to spend a fortune. 

There are dozens of stunning engagement rings under £500 from bespoke designers who can offer you the unique, exciting vibe you want, but without the hefty price tag.

Are you excited? Check out the following engagement rings to wow your spouse-to-be available today.

14kt White Gold 10ct Cushion Cut Ring - FANTASIA BY DESERIO £492

14kt White Gold 10ct Cushion Cut RingWhen choosing an engagement ring, you want something that will last a lifetime and, hopefully, become a cherished heirloom. 

It appears that this is what the makers of this 14kt White Gold 10ct Cushion Cut Ring, Fantasia by DeSerio, had in mind. 

With its traditional cut, real diamonds, and rhodium finish, this is a ring that will be with you for many years to come. 

DeSerio is a family-run jewellery outfit, famous for its history and longevity. The brand has been developing its craft since 1925 and likes to create rings with exquisite central stones flanked by “shield-shaped” rocks either side. 

14kt Gold High-Quality Tanzanite & Diamond Antique Style Engagement Ring - Master Jewelry by John £477

14kt Gold High-Quality Tanzanite & Diamond Antique Style Engagement RingThe 14kt Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Antique Style Ring by Master Jewelry by John evokes traditional ring design, with its floral layout. 

The great thing about this ring is that it will never go out of style. What’s more, it can double up as an eternity ring and is perfect for wearing at special occasions in the future, including weddings and birthdays. 

The showstopper of the piece is the central Tanzanite stone - a deep bluey-purple found only in particular mines in Tanzania. 

Owners of Master Jewelry by John, husband and wife team John and Sandra, wanted to create something that offered sophistication and style to the wearer. This beautiful creation certainly achieves that goal.

Halo Eternity Ring In Gold - Elinor Cambray Jewellery £470

Halo Eternity Ring In GoldThe Halo Eternity Ring by Elinor Cambray Jewellery has a striking and unusual appearance, featuring six, individually-set, jewels of varying size along a moulded segment of the band. The ring looks great when worn by itself or alongside other jewellery in the Elinor Cambray collection. 

Cambray operates out of Salisbury, a city in the South-West of the United Kingdom. The inspiration for her pieces comes from the natural world and textiles. She also believes in creating products with minimal environmental impact.

14kt Gold & Round Tanzanite Diamond Engagement Ring - Master Jewerly by John £454

14kt Gold & Round Tanzanite Diamond Engagement RingThis unique gold and tanzanite engagement ring from Master Jewelry by John combines both diamond and blue tanzanite gems arranged in a unique zig-zag pattern along with the band. 

The ring is handmade by husband and wife team John and Sandra who create each item in their Los Angeles-based workshop. 

The blue tanzanite is ideal for partners born in the winter as tanzanite is the birthstone for December. 

Princess-Cut Morganite Ring - Oh my Christine Jewelry £480

Princess Cut Morganite RingIf you’re looking for something truly dazzling to celebrate your engagement, then this princess cut ring morganite ring from Oh My Christine should be right up your street. 

The ring features a stunning diamond-encrusted band and a large central stone in a luscious pink. 

The piece is the creation of Los Angeles-based Christine K who has been making impressive jewellery since her stay with the Gemological Institute of America. 

Christine K is inspired by stories of successful modern women, and makes all jewellery to order, using her unique touch, 

14kt Rose Gold Black Diamonds Anniversary Band - Cristina Rodriguez £457

14kt Rose Gold Black Diamonds Anniversary BandThis beautiful 14kt rose gold black diamond band is the brainchild of Cristina Rodriguez. The unique ring features several black diamonds set in a polished rose gold band with a delicate finish. It comes with a specially designed box, care card and a certificate of authenticity. 

The designer, Christina Rodriguez, based in Mexico, specialises in finding exotic gemstones and incorporating them into fine jewellery. This rose gold and black diamond band is just one example of this philosophy in action. 

9kt Yellow Gold Pear Accent Stackable Ring With Diamonds - LaParra Jewels £495

9kt Yellow Gold Pear Accent Stackable Ring With DiamondsThis ring is the brainchild of Laura Parra, a jewellery maker based in Bedfordshire, England. 

From her workshop deep in the heart of the British countryside, Laura prepares items using her experience in silversmithing, fine art and restoration. 

This latest creation of hers is no exception, with a unique crown design you won’t find elsewhere. 

Sterling Silver Unity Large Ring - Corinne Hamak £250

Sterling Silver Unity Large RingIf you’re looking for something a little unusual, then this stunning ring from Corinne Hamak could be just what you need. 

Made of solid silver, it is inspired by the pictures of the African landscape taken by Bernard Bernatxik in the 1930s and later experienced by Corinne herself in real life. 

Corinne’s jewellery, including this unity ring, is fun but always stands out. 

Cymbeline Tapered Stackable Ring - Victoria Six £259

Cymbeline Tapered Stackable RingThis unique ring from Los Angeles designer Victoria Six is modern yet feminine, offering 14kt rose gold with a large Akoya pearl set in the middle. 

The founder of Victoria Six, Ani Shirinian, takes inspiration from her couture dress designer mother and incorporates her style into every piece she makes. 

Ani loves all jewels but has a special place in her heart for pearls. 

Halo Eternity Ring In Silver - Elinor Cambray Jewellery £300

Halo Eternity Ring In SilverThe Halo Eternity Ring in Silver by Salisbury-based designer Elinor Cambray features six faceted two and three-millimetre gemstones, embedded in the band. 

The ring abandons traditional stylistic sensibilities and instead embraces nouveau design thinking. 

All materials for rings by Elinor Cambray Jewellery are ethically sourced. 

14kt Gold Red Garnet Crown Matching Band - Mater Jewelry by John £292

14kt Gold Red Garnet Crown Matching BandThis 14kt Red Garnet Crown Matching Band from Master Jewelry By John showcases what the maker is all about: crafting unique items from robust materials that will stand the test of time. 

This particular ring features red garnet, symbolising love and passion. Handmade in the USA, each of these rings is made to order by John and his Los Angeles-based team. 

14kt Gold Bead Band Ring - Master Jewelry by John £269

14kt Gold Bead Band RingIf you are looking for a simple ring, then this 14kt Gold Bead Band Ring might be just what you’re looking for. While it doesn’t feature any gemstones, the unique appearance of this ring is what makes it special. 

Master Jewelry by John has taken the brave decision to create a simple yet elegant ring that the wearer can use to accessorise their outfit any occasion. The ring features interspersed beads, moulded together to form a ridged band that looks like a miniature bracelet. 

The brand supplies the ring in both gold and rose gold. All products are made to order.

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