Every year fashionistas from all around the UK flock to the annual inspiration festival, Stylist Live. The 3 day event showcases the best of the trends, hosts industry relevant talks and best of all, supplies all of its visitors with complimentary gin. 

We have dissected the 5 key trends to come out of Stylist Live. 

Look #1: The Colour Clash 

Think mismatched colours with the same tone.

What goes best with hyper-saturated colours in striking combinations?

Contrasting Jewellery.

Make your colours pop by offsetting contrasting hues with one another!

Wearing purple?

Contrast with a deep mustard yellow to really wow the crowd!

If too much colour is a big no-no in your eyes, matching the metal type of your jewellery will work just as well. Try colour-matching your yellow gold jewels with purple or even turquoise!  

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Look #2: Suits You

Borrow from the boys and rock a suit like the best of them.

Made from a range of fabrics and cut into varying silhouettes, this versatile trend has something for everyone.

No matter what your style, suits will always look perfectly tailored and stylish. 

Style a suit with simple, but large, jewellery. Long drop earrings and hoops offer a softer look.

A suit is one of the easiest ways to rock the tricky brooch

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Look #3: Modern Eclectic

Think whimsical dresses with an edge and warm earthy colours. 

Rock a polo underneath a classic floral maxi. Or a strappy knitted dress atop a satin shirt.

Pair with modern takes of the jewellery you love. Hoops made from fern leaves and pendant necklaces that will leave you with a sting. 

Yellow gold will compliment the natural, earthy tones.


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Look #4: NYC Seventies

An era that’s been revived time and time again on the 21st century catwalk.

1970s fashion was bold and overstated at its best. 

Pair your suede coats and sheer tights with the classic knee high boot and modern interpretations of antique jewels.

Think cute little motifs and filigree. 

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Look #5: Midnight Magpie

This mysterious trend is inspired by the dark of the night.

The focus is on dreamers and warriors – a unique mix of luxury and toughness.

Explore and you’ll discover sharp dramatic design, layered with different textures.

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