If you spend most of your weekdays in the office, a handbag is a necessity. From carrying your laptop, toiletries, and other office essentials plus maintaining your style, you need a handbag that speaks to your outfit and personality. 

JewelStreet handbags not only allow you to carry your necessities from home but also do it in style. Waste no time and take your pick from among these seven best office handbags from JewelStreet.

Astrid Black Multifunctional Shopper With Detachable Clutch - Luella Grey London £99

Just like its name suggests, Astrid Back Multifunctional Shopper with Detachable Clutch is a versatile purchase that works in your favour by enabling you to accommodate many of your belongings. You can carry your work essentials and laptop due to its spacious interior while maintaining style. Its style that includes tiger-printed handles is sure to make you stand out from other people you encounter in the workplace.

Astrid is a creation of Luella Grey based in London by the designers Sarah and Rachel. They offer a choice of bags for many occasions, be it wedding clutches, a work tote, or day to evening handbags. Their philosophy to make products affordable allows you to bring style and luxury to your office.

Rose Gold Leather Purse - JUAN-JO Gallery £56

The Rose Gold Leather Purse is just the handbag you need to carry to work with your essentials. It is a handmade and versatile purse created in the perfect size to accommodate your belongings, such as big-size mobile phones and other necessities. The different handles allow you to wear it crossbody, on the shoulder, or on your wrist, making it an ideal choice for office and after-work parties.

Rose Gold Leather Purse is made available to Jewel Street by JUAN-JO Gallery. JUAN-JO Gallery performs its best work at a family-owned workshop in Barcelona to design unique pieces for contemporary women. They are leather artisans with a keen eye for detail and fashion and focus on sustainable and vegetable-tanned leather.

Black Leather Cataleya Laptop Bag - Cataleya London £450

Staying organized while you have many items to bring to work can be challenging, but not with the Black Leather Cataleya Laptop Bag. It is a super sleek laptop bag that combines contemporary chic with practicality while complimenting your office wear. You can carry this bag to work, either crossbody or on the shoulder due to its adjustable strap.

Cataleya from London is the creative mind behind this design, considered the queen of orchids meaning graceful woman. Cataleya’s creations focus on function and form to bring out beautiful, ultra-feminine, and elegant leather handbags with Italian craftsmanship.

Small Faux Fur Dalmatian Print Hobo Bag - Claudia Furst £55

If you’re one to attend many occasions after office hours, this is your go-to bag. The Small Faux Fur Dalmatian Print Hobo Bag is a Claudia Fürst's creation, unique and locally made to give it an 80s chic signature look. The Hobo bag is made available in bold or plain fabric prints at Jewel Street to ensure you stand out wherever you go.

Claudia Fürst is based in the UK, where she designs her handbag collections while merging her style with the Viennese heritage. Jewel Street handpicked Claudia because of her knowledge and observation of manufacturing ethics.

She ensures that all her products are made of quality recycled fabrics made from vegetable-tanned leather. All her collections have a timeless design while reflecting a bohemian look to give you style for any occasion.

Leather Envelope Pochette - Yussico £30

The Leather Envelope Pochette is made for both men and women who appreciate style and minimalism for better organization. The pochette is your go-to bag for the office to help you secure and organize small items, such as your earphones, coins, lip balm, and cards.

The Leather Envelope Pochette is a YUSSICO creation founded by the lawyer turned designer, Yusuf Osman based in the UK. Yusuf remains the sole independent fine leather producer, making every sketch, cut, and final stitch by hand with linen thread, ad two needles.

Swarovski Crystal Tote - POP BAG £351

Swarovski Crystal Tote is a unisex handbag that goes beyond your dreamy expectations. The limited edition has ample space for you to carry your daily essentials for the office and even after. With its inside pocket, you can stow smaller items that require minimal space, such as cards, cash, and pocket tissues. Another quality feature is its adjustable handles for your comfort.

The Swarovski is a Pop Bag's creation designed to match and fit your style with the snap of a finger. Pop Bag is Tuscany-born, hence embraces its tradition of quality leather-made bags to last years. Every Pop Bag is produced in Florence by local craftsmen who imbued them with the region’s beauty.

Shiny Black Vegan Leather Tote - L'Autre Sac £125

The Shiny Black Vegan Leather Tote is perfect for the office. If you’re looking to bring out the character of your outfit while carrying all your essential belongings for the day, it makes an ideal purchase.

The bag is eco-conscious as it’s made from wood pulp from certified forests. It is, therefore, vegan and cruelty-free to protect the environment. Shiny Black Vegan is chemical-free and biodegradable as it is 100% made from trees and tanned naturally.

There’s more to this bag than what meets the eye. Although its leather appears aged, it is tear-resistant, smooth, soft, and water-resistant, giving you all benefits of a traditional vegan bag. The Shiny Black Vegan is a L’Autre Sac creation by two women, Mariana and Ana María, from opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Their common project focuses on creating innovative products handcrafted by differently-abled women in Columbia towards supporting their education and employment. However, the team that gathers inspiration is based in Barcelona and London.

An outfit goes beyond what you wear; it’s how you accessorize and match everything to bring out the real you as you go about your daily activities. A handbag is one of the accessories that enable you to make a power statement at the office and stand out from the crowd. With the above seven best office handbags from JewelStreet, you can make a worthy purchase to fit all your organization and stylish needs.

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