Getting engaged can be one of the most exciting times of your life, and it is wonderful if you have been surprised by the proposal. As nice as this can be, it can be disappointing if you don’t get the ring that you were expecting.

Some people think that this is selfish but we believe that every bride should have the engagement ring of their dreams.

Here are 8 beautiful handcrafted engagement rings that you can find on JewelStreet.

18kt White Gold Eternum Engagement Ring l - Ortaea Fine Jewellery £4,995

For a dose of timeless glamour that you cannot go wrong with, there is the Eternum Ring from Ortaea Fine Jewellery. This ring has been handcrafted with diamonds, the sacred stone for the goddess of love, Venus. This classic design would not look out of place on a bride with a classic look and a romantic elegance.

The owner and founder of Ortaea Fine Jewellery is Mita. The word 'Ortaea' comes from combining the Latin word 'Ortus' meaning new beginnings and rising, with 'Gaea', the Greek Mythological Goddess of Earth and Creation.

As a trustee of the Sandy Vohra Foundation in Kenya, Mita is committed to ethically sourcing her materials, with a zero-tolerance for conflict diamonds.

18kt White Gold Cushion Cut Saint Ring - Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery £13,000

The classic cushion cut was a fashion favourite until the early part of the 20th century but now it is making a comeback. This cushion cut ring is spectacular and the pictures of it do not do justice to the clarity and sparkle of the diamonds.

Because this ring is so extraordinary, it is crafted in a way that it will fit snuggly with any wedding band. The diamond in the centre of the ring has been independently graded and comes with its own certificate.

Robert Bicknell Fine Jewellery has been creating head-turning bespoke jewellery and handmade diamond jewellery in Chislehurst, southeast London, since 2007.

14kt Gold Solitaire Natural Pear Aquamarine Bead Engagement Ring - Master Jewelry by John £502

If you want to cleanse yourself spiritually as you embark on the journey of being a married couple, an aquamarine ring might be the ring for you. This stunning pear-shaped aquamarine ring is accompanied by diamonds to create a beautiful ring that is a little bit different from the typical engagement rings.

Master Jewelry by John is renowned for handcrafted excellence. The brand is run by a dynamic husband and wife team, John and Sandra. Found in the heart of the Jewelry District in Los Angeles, with long-term experience in the jewellery industry, you can expect the height of sophistication from this ring and the designers behind it.

18kt Gold Plated Organic Round Shaped Rose Quartz Engagement Ring - Bhagat Jewels £12

If you are looking for an engagement ring with a difference, and on a budget, your answer could lie in the rose quartz engagement ring. In many spiritual practices, the rose quartz crystal is known for being the gemstone to attract and keep love in your life, so what could be a better stone for an engagement ring?

The gem is set in 18kt yellow gold plated vermeil on brass and is a unique piece of designer jewellery, perfect as a gift for your true love.

Bhagat Jewels pride themselves on offering high-quality gemstone jewellery which has been handcrafted at an affordable price.

Banyan Tree Wedding-Engagement Ring White Gold - LJD Designs £3,876

If the traditional shapes of engagement rings do not appeal to you, the organic flow of the Banyan Tree engagement ring could be what you are looking for. Unlike other rings, this one is inspired by the branches of the banyan tree, which goes towards the earth, there is a clear symbolism of connecting with the earth.

The designer behind LJD designs, Laura Jackowski-Dickson, spent her childhood mesmerised by beautiful cultures and landscapes around the world, where she absorbed the intricacies of her surroundings.

From this, Laura applies her love of nature to her couture jewellery line, creating opulent pieces that evoke the majesty of the sea, nature, all things celestial and the human spirit.

18kt Grey Gold Stevie Pink Sapphire Ring - Davidson Jewels £4,334

This pale pink cushion cut sapphire bezel, set in brushed 18kt grey gold and accented with 48 bead set round diamonds is the definition of luxury. This is not your typical engagement ring as it has unusual elements of a pink sapphire with a grey gold to hold it and the 48 diamonds.

Ian Davidson, the designer behind this ring, has been successfully designing custom made wedding bands and engagement rings for the past five decades. Based in Canada, Davidson Jewels specialises in unique and heartfelt designs that capture the importance of the occasion.

Lab Grown Diamond 18kt Gold Round Halo Ring Mount - Labyrinth Diamonds £2,275

In a bid to source diamonds that are not part of the current crisis of unethical diamond trade, there has been a breakthrough with gemstones. Lab Grown Diamond rings are the hottest thing at the moment as people embrace the new, conflict-free way to find their sparkle.

Labyrinth Diamonds offers elegant jewellery which is sourced sustainably and produced ethically. Creator Seetal Jogia has a rich family legacy in the jewellery industry, dating back 12 generations so you know you are getting the finest quality from a trusted family business. 

Palladium & Diamond Hummingbird Engagement Ring - Becky Rowe £3,100

If the typical ring shape is not for you, the Hummingbird engagement ring could be the one to grace your finger. Created with palladium with a 0.50ct centre diamond and fourteen 1.6mm diamonds, this is a sleek design that screams modern classic in its shape.

This is an unusual choice for an engagement ring that will have people talking. With this ring, you will need a custom-fitted wedding band to fit the curves properly.

Becky Rowes designs and handcrafts all of her items in Guernsey and her range offers timeless sophistication right through to quirky vintage. She prides herself in creating items that will become family heirlooms, passed down through generations.

For more inspiration for engagement rings, be sure to check out the range available from JewelStreet and the independent designers that can create the perfect engagement ring to go with your big day.

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