Searching for the perfect bracelet can be a daunting task if you aren't sure what to look for. Fortunately, Birthstones often make the perfect gifts and jewellery for anyone looking for that flawless piece of jewellery to tie together an outfit or give as a gift to someone in your life. 

Why Pearls are The Perfect Jewellery For You?

Pearl jewellery is one of the most luxurious and classic jewellery pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe. The perfect pearls have a beautiful lustre, and they can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and prices. Pearls are the perfect accessory to wear with any outfit for any occasion.

Pearls can be a delicate piece of jewellery that needs to be taken care of. Pearls need to be shielded from chemicals such as perfume, hair spray and make-up products. A pearl necklace should always be wrapped in tissue paper before it is put away, which will keep the pearls from gathering dust or absorbing odours from other items.

Choose Pearls For The Perfect Gift 

Pearls are delicate and add sophistication to your jewellery set, adding a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. Pearls also come in an array of textures and colours, which gives each jewellery created its own unique look, no matter the occasion and every season. 

Remember that Pearls are a timeless piece of jewellery that will always make a fashion statement. So if you're looking for a gift that is sure to please, Pearls are a perfect choice. Whether you're buying them for yourself or as a present, they never go out of fashion.

So, if you're looking to find the right pearl bracelet, here are the eight best pearl bracelets: 

Sterling Silver Pearl & Rose Quartz Orbis Bracelet - ORA Pearls £70

Perfect for those who are looking for an elegant piece of jewellery. It features a combination of white freshwater pearls and rose quartz gemstones. The handmade bracelet created by ORA Pearls gives it a striking combination of textures, making the bracelet one of the most have accessories that go with any style and occasion. 

Sterling Silver Gloucester White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet - Auree Jewellery £85

A simple yet elegant freshly coloured gemstone well crafted with sterling silver. Auree Jewellery prides itself on creating luxury fashion accessories for women from the finest natural gemstones and finest gold and sterling service. Perfect for those looking for the jewellery they will love and cherish. 

Designer Amelia Bainbridge creates striking pieces for customers who aren't just looking for a piece of jewellery to hide away but to wear and enjoy. 

Wire Sodalite & Pearls Violetta Bracelet - Maria Kanale Unique Jewels £65

Perfect for those who love unique handmade jewellery, this bracelet features Pearls, Sodalite stones and Miyuki. This timeless piece brings a touch of style to any outfit. Brought to you by Greek Jewellery maker Maria Karle, this unique bracelet is great for women who enjoy standing out from the crowd. 

She also creates one of a kind jewellery for her customers, specialising in intricate writing that comes in different sizes and shapes. So, if you're looking for a custom gift that is like no other, this could be for you. 

18kt White Gold & Tahiti Pearls St. Moritz Bracelet - Lesunja Fine Jewellery £3,989

This stunning handmade bracelet with white gold mixed with beautiful black Tahitian pearls. A great bracelet for any occasion, made by Lesunja Fine Jewellery, a Switzerland brand, combines traditional swiss craftsmanship with modern jewellery making techniques to create this fantastic work of wearable art.

This bracelet is perfect for those looking for a gorgeous piece of jewellery to wear in their every day. 

Gold Plated Silver & Freshwater Pearls in Different Colors Bracelet - KARTO Jewellery £114

A bracelet with gold plated silver featuring freshwater pearls in different colours. This alluring handcrafted bracelet comes from Denmark creator Kartine Frank who founded KARTO Jewellery and is perfect for those who are looking for a unique gift for a special day or a piece of jewellery to wear to special occasions or just to bring an outfit together. 

Sterling Silver Labradorite & Pearl Rio Bracelet - Mishanto London £155

What is more perfect than Sterling Silver? One that mixes with Labradorite and pearls with a unique design to make an eye-catching piece of jewellery and adds a bit of luxury and glamour to your wardrobe. 

The distinctive look of the bracelet comes from brand Mishanto's lead designer, Tony Abram, finding inspiration for his designs in his every life and using his knowledge of gemstones to create these amazing dynamic pieces. Indeed truly an inventive and magnificent way to bring his vision to those looking for the perfect bracelet. 

COCO Pearl Leo Bracelet - TRIBE + FABLE £45

Sometimes a simple bracelet brings elegance to an outfit that other types of jewellery can't. This is where the COCO pearl Leo Bracelet shines. Crafted from large freshwater pearls mixed with onyx brass rings and a Leopard charm on a stretchy elastic, makes this bracelet is perfect for all wrist sizes. 

TRIBE + FABLE brings this simple yet stunning bracelet inspired by the techniques of skilled artisans from around the world. These techniques have produced the perfect jewellery for every occasion. 

Amethyst And Freshwater Pearls Bracelet - Sarah Valley £85

This is a beautifully constructed handcrafted crochet bracelet mixed with semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. This gorgeous and minimalist bracelet is a statement of art and elegance.

Creator Sarah Valley offers unique and custom-made options on request, giving you truly one of a kind jewellery, making it the perfect gift for those searching for something special for their loved ones. 

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