Tote bags were once seen as inferior examples of outfit accessories. However, the millennial market has seen the tote bag craze evolve into something uncontrollable. With Instagram influencers now showing off their favourite totes, it makes sense that all fashionistas want a piece of the action.

Big, versatile and practical, a stylish tote bag is a must for any woman heading to the high street, looking to commute to work, or venturing out for the day. Take a look at these best tote bags that you simply can’t live without.

Aurora Tote Bag - POP BAG £141

The Aurora tote bag is classic in shape but bold in colour. A daring blue hue will turn heads as you walk down the high street with this on your arm. Made from PVC, this tote back is hard-wearing and resilient. It can take some knocks on the train or in the car and is perfect for and every day essential.

Made by Pop Bag, this small Tuscany-based designer concentrates on a fun mix and match accessories for your wardrobe.

The Market Tote Bag - Darzah £187

As its name suggests, this tote bag is made with every day outings in mind. Perfect to whip on as you head out to the grocery store or on the school run, the large compartment in this tote bag means having all of your essential with you a breeze. You won’t have to worry about leaving anything out and you can enjoy luxury leather craftsmanship at the same time.

A simple black design with a vertical strip of the pattern means that the style is classic with a touch of geometric creative flair. Made by a non-profit, ethical fashion brand, Darzah, this bag is hand-crafted in the West Bank in Israel.

Lasticbag Art Leather Shopper - EVA D. £162

If you are a big fan of pop art or you enjoy the Jackson Pollack look, this bag’s decoration and print will have you bowled over. With a splatter design in yellow and white upon a silver-hued base, this bag isn’t for the faint-hearted. A large tote bag, this leather creation has two large compartments and a nifty separate phone compartment.

This can make your everyday bag organisation so much simpler. Crafted by Eva D, this bag is made to last a lifetime. Designed to add to a modular wardrobe Studio Eva D is passionate about long fashion and timeless pieces.

Small Velvet Hobo Bag - Claudia Furst £55

This grab and go bag harks back to the 1980s with its hoop style handle and shoulder strap combination. The bold pink/red tone is great for those women who want their bags to pop. This tote is on the smaller side, meaning that it can be used for numerous occasions when the larger tote bag isn’t needed.

Claudia Furst, who was born in Vienna, enjoys working in an ethical way to merge her Viennese and heritage with her thirst for chic travel accessories.

Jupiter Leather Tote Bag - Pacha £160

A classic two-tone design with excellent detailing, this navy blue and off shite strapped tote bag is sophisticated and fun. With two large compartments, this bag is for those women who need to be on the go with a lot of stuff.

The shape is longer than some tote bags giving the sense of a more spacious tote bag. With a hoop handle to accompany the shoulder strap, this bag can be utilised in many different ways. Pacha, a Bangkok designer, has a motto of ‘where craftsmanship meets style.’ This bag is exactly that.

Black Leather Trapezion Slim Bag - MAISON DRESSAGE £412

For a handmade design classic, this trapezium bag takes some beating. More sophisticated and elegant than your average tote bag, this creation has the evening soiree in mind. When a clutch bag won’t do, this designer tote will.

With walnut wood handles, hand stitching, and vegetable leather, this creation is unique and daring. The gold plated brass details are gorgeous and the black matte finish is bold. Maison Dressage enjoys using minimalist techniques to create bold and individual handmade pieces.

Baroque Tote Bag - POP BAG £188

For a bag that likes to play with pattern, this baroque-inspired design has a modern twist on a heritage design. The ornate wallpaper-style print has had colour added to create a pattern that pops. The tote bag itself is large and plenty large enough for every day essential.

Another design by Pop Bag, these creators know how to bring an element of fun and boldness to their pieces.

Shiny Black Vegan Leather Tote - L'Autre Sac £124

For those women who adore tote bags and want to enjoy the feel of leather without ethical guilt, this bag by L’Autre Sac is ideal. The vegan leather used to create the black shiny facade is from trees. The entire bag is cruelty-free but it doesn’t compromise on excellent detailing and awesome style. The strap adds a pop of colour and pattern with the thick band offsetting the simpler body. 

Based in London and Barcelona, L’Autre Sac creates beautiful contemporary bags, made in vegan and sustainable materials. Their handmade products contribute to women empowerment by supporting their employment and education.

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