Reaching a special anniversary with your other half is a milestone that needs to be celebrated and what better way to do that than purchase the perfect anniversary ring? Sourcing the most suitable match for your unique needs might seem a little tough, as it seems as though there's a near limitless supply of rings on the market today.

However, quantity doesn't equal quality, and you don't want to spend weeks searching high and low for the ideal anniversary ring.

Luckily, JewelStreet supports hundreds of independent jewellery designers that can provide you with the anniversary ring you've been dreaming of. Here are 9 of the best anniversary rings that you and your partner will no doubt fall in love with! 

14kt Rose Gold Champagne Anniversary Band - Cristina Rodriguez Jewelry Artist £421

This champagne anniversary ring is hand made from blush 14kt rose gold which has been polished for the softest finish. The band is littered with glistening champagne diamonds, covering more than half of the ring itself.

For a totally gorgeous and eye-catching anniversary ring, this delicate rose gold band is the answer to all of your needs.

The designer, Cristina Rodriguez, is based in Mexico, and is heavily inspired by the individuality of exotic gemstones, and aims to channel femininity through her work.

14kt Gold Red Garnet & Diamond High Quality Engagement Ring - Mater Jewelry by John £202

If your other half is a true romantic at heart, a stunning handcrafted 14kt gold anniversary ring featuring a deep red garnet gemstone is the ideal gift to represent your relationship together.

Red has always been associated with love and passion, yet a ruby anniversary ring can also symbolise 40 years of marriage, and a January birthdate, too!

The designer of this ring, John from Master Jewelry, operates from the heart of busy Los Angeles and has years of experience creating jaw-dropping pieces. 

14kt Rose Gold Tiny Dark Green Sapphire Ring - ARPELC £163

For something minimalistic yet far from basic, the 14kt rose gold tiny dark green sapphire band may just be the ring of your dreams. The eye for detail on this ring is second to none, as a small heart adorns the back face of the ring to remind the wearer that they are loved.

This ring has been handcrafted in Poland by designer Arek Pelc, who prides himself on usually only natural, earth-grown gemstones that have been ethically sourced.

14k Gold Tourmaline Diamond Ring - Master Jewelry by John £1,342

This jaw-dropping 14kt white gold band features an eye-catching display of diamonds centred around a large green tourmaline oval and is no doubt the height of luxury when it comes to anniversary rings. If you want to splash a little cash and treat your other half like the queen they are on your wedding anniversary, investing in something as beautiful and enchanting is sure to do the trick.

The USA based Master Jewelry by John design team put considerable thought and effort into each and every piece they make, so you can maintain peace of mind knowing that your other half is going to receive a truly memorable gift. 

18kt Yellow Gold Plated Smoky Quartz & Crystal Quartz Anniversary Gift Ring - Bhagat Jewels £16

If your budget can't stretch so far yet you still wish to show your other half some love and attention, the 18kt yellow gold plated quartz anniversary ring could be the ideal option. The base of the ring is made from brass but has been covered with a layer of 18kt gold, adorned with natural crystal and smoky quartz gemstones.

The unique design is sure to stand out from the crowd, and the affordable price tag allows you to treat your partner without breaking the bank.

This ring was designed and crafted in India by Bhagat Jewels, who specialise in offering elegant brass and gold plated jewellery that doesn't cost a fortune. 

Set of Three 14kt Gold Filled Stacking Rings - Alice Eden Jewellery £79

For something a little different to the usual off-the-shelf options, why not invest in a glorious set of three 14kt gold filled stacking rings? 3 is always better than 1, as you can never have too much of a good thing! The rings can be worn in several ways, stacked together or spread across several fingers, so the wearer can switch up their style with ease.

The Brighton based designer, Alice Eden, became inspired by her childhood keepsakes and uses recycled materials to create her work. 

Yellow Gold & Diamond Forever Yours Ring - Goldspindel - Christiane Bekk £4,770

When nothing quite meets your expectations, the yellow gold and diamond-covered Forever Yours ring is sure to put an end to your search. Created using 21.6kt gold, a gold usually used by a select few specialist goldsmiths, combined with a charming rare cut diamond, this awe-inspiring ring is the ideal gift for a special wedding anniversary.

Even the name 'forever yours' is sure to show your other half just how much they mean to you, so it's no doubt a heartfelt and thoughtful choice.

The German designer, Christiane Bekk, is inspired by the natural world when handcrafting each individual piece of jewellery. 

18kt Rose Gold Ten Oro Rosa Rubini Ring - RUBINIA GIOIELLI £1,874

The stunning 18kt rose gold Oro Rosa Rubini ring is part of the much sought after Filodellavita 10 collection, which was originally crafted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Filodellavita. The eye for detail on this band is at a level not seen elsewhere, as the delicate twists and turns of gold glisten gracefully as a backdrop for the deep pink gemstones that stand proud.

This is the perfect choice for extra feminine women, as the champagne and pink shades channel female energy.

The Italian designers at Rubinia Gioielli pride themselves on tailor making totally unique and intricate jewellery that stands head and shoulders above the rest. 

14kt White Gold & Diamond Cupid's Arrow Love Band - Cristina Rodriguez Jewelry Artist £464

This unique Cupid's arrow-shaped love and is made of hard-wearing polished 14kt white gold and features a glistening sequence of diamonds that grab your attention. The Mexican designer, Cristina Rodriguez, aims to create timeless pieces that can be worn over and over without losing their original sparkle. 

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