Whether you like your jewellery understated or eye-catching, there is no denying the impact wearing the right type of jewellery can have on your outfit and, indeed, your mood.

One piece of jewellery that shouldn't be overlooked is the humble gold bangle. Gold bangles for sale on JewelStreet range from the simple yet timeless round bangle to uber delicate and intricate designs to jewel adorned pieces of beauty that can help but command the attention of those who lay eyes on it.

Whether you choose to stack your gold bangles and find the best gold bangles to complement what you already own, or you want one outstanding design to really make a statement, you can be sure to find something to appeal to your taste when it comes to adding these stunning jewellery pieces to your collection.

We wanted to share 9 of the best gold bangles at JewelStreet and the artist behind the designs.

Cordelia Cuff Bangle - Victoria Six £1,089

This classic cuff design gold bangle reimagines a traditional piece of jewellery and adds pearls for that added wow factor. Victoria Six founder Ani Shirinian is LA-based and grew up with a love of pearls and lace. Her collections attest to this passion, as they are pearl focused items that would look good in any jewellery collection.

Ani states, she would only design pieces she would wear herself, and this minimalist 14k rose gold double wire bangle is most definitely a showstopper in every sense of the word.

Foundation Pin Bangle - Rosey West £335

As the name suggests, this foundation pin bangle is simple and understated. Elegant enough to add a bit of class to your wrist alone or to emphasise other embellished pieces you may own as part of a collection of gold bangles.

Founder of Rosey West, Michel Dobkin is known for his classic yet intentionally simple pieces that serve the modern woman as staple items that can add a hint of elegance and minimalism to any style.

14kt Rose Gold Plated One Way Bangle - LuvMyJewelry £158

LuvMyJewelry creates high-end artisanal designs that tell a poetic storey – their collections reflect their boundless imagination, passion, and daring risk-taking. Handmade to order, this 925 Sterling Silver bangle is set with 100 percent natural, genuine diamonds in a micro pave setting. This bangle is plated in 14kt Rose Gold Vermeil, ensuring that it will last a long time.

Centi Bangle In Solid Yellow Gold - MitziRocks £995

Made in the UK, the Centi Bangle has somewhat of a resemblance to the candy bracelets of your childhood, which is where goldsmith Mitzi Broadbent got her inspiration. This fun piece isn't edible but can offer you a fun, stylish adornment for your wrist that can be worn alone, letting the 100 gold ring shine in the limelight or as part of a collection to complement the whimsical theme of this gold bangle.

Yellow Gold Traditional Twist Bangle - Corinne Hamack £1,041

Available in 18kt or 9kt yellow gold, this thin twist bangle is the ideal stacking bracelet, or for those who wish not to adorn their wrists with thicker bands, the uneven twist design of the gold adds an extra dimension is crafted in such a way with 4 diamonds by French and Argentinian designer Corinne Hamak to represent her siblings.

Three diamonds together for her two sisters with parents and a fourth diamond on its own for her youngest sister from her father's second marriage.

9kt White Gold Oro Bianco Diamanti Bracelet - RUBINIA GIOIELLI £309

RUBINIA GIOIELLI was founded by Roberto Ricci in 1995. RUBINIA GIOIELLI  is a place where jewellery is created uniquely for the wearer and strives for originality.  The white gold orb bracelet is a stunning piece that represents the love bond shared between two people via its twisted bands. The application of jewels within this really adds to the excellence of the design.

This bracelet is also available in yellow gold too.

Palm Fruit Bangle 18kt Gold - LJD Designs £2,317

Laura Jackowski-Dickson, the designer behind LJD designs, spent her childhood enthralled by beautiful cultures and landscapes worldwide, where she learned about opal mines in Australia, pearls in Tahiti, and turquoise in Tehran. This outstanding palm fruit bangle is crafted in 18kt gold and is designed as part of the Flora and Fawn collection. Although worn alone, it is still a stunning bangle that holds its own.

9kt Yellow Gold Molten Bangle - Barnfather Designs £1,780

This handcrafted bangle's fluid design and feel resemble molten metal and reflect designer Louise Barnfathers love of natural textures and fluid designs. This designer uses various techniques to create items that reflect these passions, and this 9kt yellow gold bangle is no exception. Truly one for those wishing to add something unique to their jewellery collection.

Each fine fashion accessory created by Barnfathers Designs is hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office.

Starry Night Bangle - Pamela Dickinson £3,600

Featuring blue cabochon sapphires, this truly beautiful starry night bangle incorporates everything you love most about the nighttime and is brought to life interspersed in gold beads and encapsulated within the yellow gold band.

A true jewel in the crown on JewelStreet, this eye-catching design is both understated yet breathtaking and makes the ideal standalone wrist accessory or can emphasise other jewellery pieces along with pulling an outfit together.

Pamela Dickinson is a UK based designer known for her love of colourful designs that know exactly how to make a statement.

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