The symbolic star design has been used in art since the stone age. Throughout many cultures, the finest artists have often drawn inspiration from these celestial bodies and today it is no different. Some of the world’s best jewellery designers incorporate stars into their work.

This is a list of nine of the very best handcrafted star earrings from around the world. Whether you want complete showstoppers or discreetly elegant earrings, there is much to choose from with these wonderful and affordable pieces.

Gold Plated Silver Inertia Star Earrings - SoftDream by LauraGalasso £97

These chic and modern gold plated inertia earrings have a fun eye-catching design. The hoop and central bar are finished with two golden stars that will be sure to shimmer in the sunlight and on the dance floor so they are perfect for any occasion.

Created by SoftDream and designed by Italian artist, LauraGalasso, these are ethically made earrings that are a fantastic addition to any fashion lover's collection. 

Sterling Silver Shooting Star Earrings - ChloBo £45

ChloBo is experts when it comes to delicate items made from the finest sterling silver. These dainty stud earrings are sure to bring a little bit of magic to your daily life. The three petite stars have been handcrafted by ChloBo and designed by the studio’s talented founder, Chloe Moss.

ChloBo has a fantastic reputation and has been worn by some of the world’s biggest fashion icons like Cheryl, Elle Macpherson, and Ellie Goulding. 

Sterling Silver Moon & Star Earrings - Latelita London £49

A beautiful crescent moon is completed with a dangling single star that will perfectly frame your face during an evening of entertainment. Latelita London presents the earrings in their signature packaging making them a great gift for a special someone in your life. Latelita London fuses Eastern silhouettes with European panache to create her elegant earrings.

The silver moon and star set is a wonderful addition to their collection and is finished with the sparkles that Latelita’s designs are known for. The earring comes with a butterfly fastening and uses 925 sterling silver. 

Sterling Silver North Star Earrings - LuvMyJewelry £143

It is hard not to love LuvMyJewelry’s sterling silver North Star earrings. Crafted with 100% genuine diamonds and 925 sterling silver the earrings have a classic look that will make them a piece you will wear for years to come.

The piece is handmade to order and is completed with a poem, The Dreamer written by LuvMyJewelery’s inventive founder, Sujan Doshi. The North star is often the brightest in the night sky, and you will be sure to dazzle any room with these bewitching earrings. 

Sterling Silver Falling Star Earrings - Julie Nicaisse Jewellery £210

Julie Nicaisse is known for translating unconventional natural beauty into talismanic statement pieces. The silver falling star earrings epitomize this philosophy beautifully. Nicaisse’s unique take on the star design is part of the “Celestial Fall’ collection and is inspired by the deep and wondrous mystery that harmoniously bonds the Earth and Sky.

The items are hallmarked by the London assay office, verifying the metal content and year of creation, ensuring you get the best quality that Julia Nicaisse has become known for. 

Sterling Silver & Gold Brass Star Earrings - Banyan Jewellery £22

The gold brass star in the centre of these stylish earrings is complemented by a silver outer star that completes them beautifully. Suitable for all occasions, the subtly alluring earrings are a pleasant addition to any jewellery box.

With 25 years of experience, the British company, Banyan Jewellery, pride itself on affordable items that have the same love, precision, and attention to detail you would expect from any artisan design studio. 

Portobello Yellow Gold Rose Cut Diamond Star Drop Starry Night Earrings - London Road Jewellery £725

London Road Jewellery is a brother and sister design team who make colourful statement pieces using cutting edge techniques combined with traditional hand setting. The dedication to their art shines through in the Starry Night earrings.

Using 9kt rose gold and rose-cut diamonds to create the black rhodium-plated star, the duo finishes the earrings with three 9kt gold chains and bars that hang from the star in a beguiling fashion. The earrings work well on their own but can also be complemented with a matching pendant, bracelet, and ring. 

Aurora Star Trio Earrings - Luna Charles £59

Luna Charles has really hit it out of the park with their stunningly exquisite Aurora Star Trio Earrings. Three delicate stars with shooting tails are made from gold plated brass and detailed with pave crystals. The earrings are perhaps a metaphor for Luna Charles' unique story as a design studio.

Started from a Saturday morning chat by three best friends, the company has risen to stellar heights as a design studio imbued with love, friendship, and personality. The Aurora star typifies their attention to detail so if you fall in love with these earrings it is worth checking out the rest of their range. 

Sterling Silver Compass Star Stud Earrings - Yasmin Everley Jewellery £49

Yasmin Everley Jewellery’s astrology collection is a fantastic range and these compass stud earrings are an excellent example of the fine craftsmanship on display. The pair of tiny stars look like they could have been lifted straight out of a fairytale, inspired by the North star design that adorns the compass on a map.

Made from sterling silver, the beautiful earrings pair perfectly with the constellation necklace that is also part of the astrology collection.

Born and bred in London, Yasmin Everley is a young British designer that is one to watch out for as her career develops. Like the glistening stars of these earrings, her future certainly looks bright. 

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