At some point in your life, you will need jewellery to adorn yourself with. Perhaps, your budget may not allow you to invest in precious stones, but fortunately, there are affordable semi-precious pieces you can purchase.

On this page are the nine best pieces of semi-precious jewellery you will love to purchase from JewelStreet.

Multi Semi-Precious Gemstone 18kt Gold Plated Excellence Pendant Jewelry - Bhagat Jewels £30

This piece is a blend of colourful semi-precious stones that will complement any outfit and occasion. As an 18K gold plated piece, it draws attention to itself without having to flaunt it. As expected, each semi-precious stone has a rough cut that adds to the natural appeal of Sunita Singh’s handmade jewellery pieces. Moreover, it is easy to clean and does not rust.

Sunita is an independent Indian jeweller whose love for fine handmade jewellery pieces earned her a Masters degree from Arch Academy. She studied stone setting, jewellery making and design and her determination drove her to set up a small jewellery store in Jaipur upon graduation. Today, she is the founder of Bhagat Jewels, and that’s where this intricate pendant jewellery comes from.

Sterling Silver & Opal Flower Necklace - Banyan Jewellery £57

If you love flowers, why not invest in jewellery which depicts just that? The Opal semi-precious stone is beautifully set within a handcrafted silver metal with flower detail. Furthermore, the necklace can be fastened with a fish lock clasp, making it more convenient for the wearer. This Yaniv Zalman design is intricately designed with incredible attention to detail. It has a smooth finish and a cute pendant that can be worn for a casual look.

Yaniv Zalman established his jewellery company in 1997, and since then, Banyan Jewellery has made a name for itself. Zalman is based in Newton Abbot with an Israeli background and makes jewellery that appeals to every style preference. Most importantly, his design pieces are affordable and of excellent quality.

Sterling Silver Plated Round Cabochon Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks - Latelita London £49

Indeed, men can get stylish with the silver-plated blue lapis lazuli gemstone cufflinks. What’s more, its silver plating is exquisitely done with a discrete look, giving it a masculine appeal. Both cufflinks have round lazuli stones, smoothened out to present the best appeal for the wearer. Meanwhile, with a 10mm stone size, the cufflinks are not too conspicuous but still exude a relaxed manly charm.

It makes a great addition to crisp white shirts while presenting a formal aesthetic look expected of the modern man. This handmade design is by Latelita London. Established in 2012, House of Latelita has become a household name for traditional craftsmanship infused with high quality, personality and timeless pieces.

Luminous Silver Green Amethyst Ring - Lily Blanche £75

Amethyst is now considered a semi-precious stone and makes one of the most beautiful jewellery pieces known to man. This silver green amethyst ring is an example of such a show-stopping accessory. It has a fine cut, clarity and a smooth finish that attractively bounces light off. Moreover, it fits perfectly for a family heirloom with its luminous quality.

Gillian Crawford is the brain behind this Lily Blanche piece, and for this exquisite piece, the designer takes inspiration from her grandmother. Moreover, Gillian puts her heart into all her designs with a solid familial connection, with each piece holding a secret.

Gold Garnet, Red Onyx and Yellow Citrine Hibiscus Ring - Dexter Augustus Ltd. £225

The entire piece looks like a cherished timeless flower encased in garnet, yellow citrine and red onyx. It has a subtle luxe charm which makes it worth having as a treasure. The hibiscus ring is designed with three different semi-precious stones, accounting for its multi-coloured appeal. Its polished surface with a 15mm width reflects light from its encrusted pieces sitting within the gold plated background.

Due to its careful craftsmanship, it is almost impossible for the encrusted gemstones to dislodge their positions. Dexter Augustus designs this ring. After a career in telecommunications and construction, Dexter moved into his passion of designing and owning a jewellery brand, and his inspiration is derived from ancient Egyptian culture.

Sterling Silver Venus Sherbet Earrings - Tanel Veenre Jewellery £122

This Tanel Veenre’s design collection draws inspiration from the Roman goddess Venus. Its seashell design tells the story of Venus, who was conceived from sea foam and arrived on land in a giant scallop shell to be born.

She is known for her beauty, innocence and love. For this reason, the Venus Sherbet Earrings seek to evoke the goddess’s purity in its fine lines and customised cut. The green onyx makes it all the more alluring, making it one of the most refined pieces from Estonia. Tanel Veenre is from Estonia and puts everything into these pieces.

18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Urban Cuff Bracelet With Red Onyx - Jewel Tree London £190

Described as an Urban Cuff, this bracelet is suitable for all genders. It is stylish, easy to wear, snaps on effortlessly onto the wrist without sniping it. The red onyx cuff bracelet is fixed with 18kt gold vermeil, assuring you of quality, longevity and personal style.

Deborah Zama created this design while drawing inspiration from using a wide range of semi-precious stones to add value to refined metals.

Yellow Gold Plated Stoned Mini Sun Ray Jacket Studs - Black Betty Design £99

The designer for these studs is South African Kristin Weixelbaumer, who leads the Black Betty jewellery brand in Cape Town. The Black Onyx studs are cool to wear, comfortable and perfect for any occasion. Unlike other studs that put undue pressure on the earlobes, the yellow gold plated studs feel light on the ears, bringing great relief to the wearer.

18kt Gold Plated Multi-Gemstone Nugget Earrings | Pink - Noyre Berlin £69

You can call these pieces boho jewellery, and you will not be wrong in your description. The teardrop-shaped earrings come in colours that make them ideal for daily use. What’s more, these earrings are packed in recycled paper boxes, making them ideal for eco-friendly users. 

Additionally, the raw materials are nickel-free with multi-coloured semi-precious stones. Noyre Berlin is the jewellery baby of designer Ricky. Coming from Germany, Ricky incorporates shapes and depth of stones to craft his pieces. If you love this piece, you can get a pair for yourself or your loved one. 

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