Beautiful and meaningful jewellery that characterised outfits since the 18th century, brooches are making a comeback. The most refined, valuable brooches have always found their way into elegant outfits, from dresses to luxurious suits.

However, the right brooch can say a lot about you, even when added to more casual, everyday outfits. No matter your style, there is a brooch out there that can help you elevate your style. Learn about the ten best women’s brooches to boost your outfit with this JewelStreet guide. 

Glass Eye Pin - Sunset Yogurt £34

The Glass Eye Pin is one of the most alternative modern brooches out there. While the design is subtle and elegant, a closer look will reveal the glass eye-like design. With a weight just above 3 grams and a total length of no more than 8cm, this brooch can be added to any outfit, no matter the style. 

The Glass Eye Pin belongs to a Sunset Yogurt collection, a contemporary brand that takes inspiration from the work of '70s contemporary artist Paul Thek, who explained the philosophy of using body parts to adorn other bodies. While pop and slightly kitsch, this brooch is made with highly sought-after materials, including Effetre Murano Glass and stainless steel

Gold Plated Sterling Silver Brooch for Women with Parrot Couple - Namana London £120

This Parrot Couple brooch is a stylish and elegant addition to any outfit. Thanks to the sterling silver make, the gold plates, and orange, red and blue enamel details, this brooch is inspired by the ‘70s and ‘80s brooch styles. Sophisticated and timelessly chic, this brooch can complete an elegant outfit, adding an elegant, colourful touch. 

The Gold Plated Sterling Silver Brooch for Women with Parrot Couple is one of the best brooches created by Namana Jewellery, a London-based jewellery designer born in 2017. The main goal of this designer is to make elegant and luxurious jewellery more affordable and accessible to everyone - without having to compromise between cost and quality. 

Sterling Silver Forget Me Not Flower Pin - Sian Bostwick Jewellery £35

The Sterling Silver Forget Me Not Flower Pin is perfect for boho and nature-inspired styles. This brooch is extremely delicate and elegant and it does complete any outfit without feeling overpowering. The deep-blue flowers are arranged over a thin silver stem, making it suitable to enhance spring and summer outfits - but also adding colour to more neutral autumnal styles. 

This pin is created by Sian Bostwick, a UK-based, award-winning jewellery designer that is inspired by the love of magical creatures, fairy tales, and imaginary worlds. 

Lea Stein Egyptian Cat Brooch - Scottish and Scandinavian Designs £96

If you are looking for more of a statement pin, the Lea Stein Egyptian Cat Brooch is for you. This pin boasts a unique Egyptian or Quarrelsome cat design. Created in a dark, warm brown with laminated tortoiseshell flashes and golden years, this brooch is perfect to add warmth to any winter or autumn outfit. 

Léa Stein, this brooch’s designer, is a French artist known for her unique designs, which are created out of compressed plastic. Other designs include celebrities, people, cars, and household items. Several of these art-deco-inspired pieces are supplied by Scottish and Scandinavian Designs. 

Silver Morning Dew Brooch - Fiona Kerr Jewellery £140

The Silver Morning Dew Brooch is an elegant and subtle brooch that can elevate a formal outfit without creating clutter. This brooch is handmade in silver and is characterised by a sharp contrast between the textured satin finish and polished edges. While the silver body makes it perfect for all occasions, this brooch is made special by the blue moonstone, which adds iridescent sparkles to the design.

The Silver Morning Dew Brooch is designed by Fiona Kerr Jewellery, a Northern Ireland-based designer known to merge contemporary elegance with the mystery of antique Celtic notes. 

Antique 18kt Yellow Gold & Diamonds Salamander Brooch - Lori Mesa Antiques & Fine Jewelry £1,395

The Antique Salamander Brooch is one of the most exclusive pieces in our collection. Entirely made of 18kt Yellow Gold and Diamonds, this brooch is a creation brought to life by Lori Mesa Antiques & Fine Jewelry, and it is undoubtedly a statement piece. While it is not much longer than 6cm, this brooch brings together all the luxurious beauty of jewels designed in 1900.

Established in 1930, Lori Mesa Antiques & Fine Jewelry is one of the most famous antiques, Victorian, and Georgian crafts in the world.  

Gold Plated Silver Lotus Brooch With Baroque Pearl - Anna Berezina £378

This Gold Plated Lotus Brooch is a three-dimensional pin that boasts a large Baroque pearl at the centre of the flower, surrounded by matte 6 petals and polished elements. The core is in Gold Plated Silver, making it perfect for exclusive, formal, or elegant occasions. 

This brooch is brought to you by Russian designer Anna Berezina, who uses naturally coloured gemstones and precious metals to create beautiful but rough creations. 

Rose Gold & Ruby Natural Chic Ant Brooch - Pinomanna £2,053

The Rose Gold & Ruby Natural Chic Ant Brooch by Pinomanna is the most luxurious and exclusive design in our collection. This brooch is handcrafted in 18kt rose gold and beast beautifully arranged bright red rubies.

If you are looking to add a natural touch to your formal outfit, look no further than this ant-shaped brooch by Italian designer Pinomanna.

The studio has over 30 years worth of experience working with precious metals and gemstones, thus merging contemporary designs with the beauty and elegance of the past.

Sterling Silver Sandlines Brooch - Kostadinos Jewellery £500

The Sterling Silver Sandlines Brooch by Kostadinos Jewellery is a beautifully handcrafted brooch made out of 925 sterling silver. Secured by a double steel pin at the back, this brooch is perfect if you have embraced a nature-inspired, minimalist, or Scandinavian-like style for your outfits. Hand-carved, the sand lines remind of the signs left by the ocean’s waves on the sand.

Thanks to the plain but bright colours of this design, this pin has the power to brighten up every outfit. Famous for creating wearable works of art, Kostadinos Jewellery is entirely inspired by natural elements and landscapes. 

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