We take a look at the meaning behind one of the most popular protective symbols in jewellery design. 

Worn and celebrated for their magical protective powers, talisman jewellery is one of the most popular types of jewellery, past and present. From lucky wishbones and four-leaf clovers, to compasses and peace symbols, we’re focusing on one of the most intriguing motifs of all; the evil eye.


The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by just a simple malevolent glare, which multiple cultures believe cause misfortune, bad luck or even injury. So to protect oneself from the unfortunate curse evil eye, talismans were born. The iconic symbol has been used as a motif in jewellery for thousands of years, and was believed to protect the wearer against any negative energy, in turn bringing happiness, success and love. Today the evil eye has become more than just a talisman, it’s become a fashion statement.



Italian designer Maria Kovadi has incorporated the eye symbol into a series of completely unique, one of a kind necklaces. Handcrafted in blue, brown and green to reflect the most common eye colours, each 18kt gold necklace is crafted using the painstakingly intricate 8th century technique of micro mosaic, which involves over 1500 miniscule pieces of glass.


LA-based unisex brand Nialaya offer a more contemporary and wearable take on evil eye jewellery. Their open design ring features the signature evil eye symbol adorned with white, blue and pink cubic zirconia, which complements the simple pearl at the other end of the design. It can be paired with the matching bracelet, which has the same colourful eye design hung on a very pretty and delicate chain.