Cartier Love Bangle

Okay, I admit it… I’d love a Cartier Love Bangle. But, like many people, I don’t have a spare £5000 to spend on a bracelet! Every celebrity seems to own these immensely popular jewellery items. The Cartier Love Bangle is chic, sleek and made from premium materials. I can understand the appeal for sure. But, upon reflection, I’d rather have a unique piece of jewellery that I wouldn’t see on anyone else. I like to support independent designers, and more often than not, their jewellery looks and feels more authentic!

So, yes - if someone offered to buy me a Cartier Love Bangle (dream big!), I’d be foolish to say no. However there are thousands of other bracelets, more unique, more bespoke, and more special than the Cartier Love Bangle. Here are the six best alternatives to the popular jewellery item. I guarantee with these on your wrist, you’ll be thinking ‘Cartier who?’

The Original Gold Bracelet by Chelsea Charles - £108.00

Original Gold Bracelet

Chelsea Charles’ original gold bracelet is a great alternative to Cartier’s Love Bangle. The unique shape and contemporary aesthetic makes this the perfect bracelet to stack with your other jewellery. This bracelet aims to promote a healthy lifestyle. The beads on the bracelet can be moved around, the idea being you can interact with it to count goals such as glasses of water consumed or pounds lost if dieting. Why have a boring bracelet when you can have something practical and chic?

Yellow Gold Stacking Bangles by Gabrielle Friedman - £972.00

Cartier Love Bangle Alternative

This glamorous bracelet has all the luxury of the Cartier aesthetic without the bank-breaking price tag! Featuring shining gemstones along an elegant gold bangle, this bracelet will add a dash of opulence to uplift any outfit. Nashville-based designer Gabrielle Friedman aims to produce designs that are both high quality and long-lasting, within reach of everyone and crafted for everyday wear. This handcrafted delight will be the object of envy from admirers everywhere, so wear it with pride!

Garnet Veneto Bangle by Mishanto - £79.00

 Garnet Veneto Bangle

Rose gold jewellery imbues every look with a touch of femininity. The warm rose hues are synonymous with elegance and grace. Feel like the height of beauty with Mishanto’s garnet veneto bangle. Stack it or let it take prime position on your wrist for a contemporary look with added sparkle. The subtly textured surface is adorned with a beautiful garnet gemstone - the birthstone of January. Gift to a loved one or treat yourself to this bracelet to channel some Cartier-resembling magic.

Yellow Gold Plated Titanium Steel Paved Roman Bracelet by Opes Robur - £119.00

Yellow Gold Plated Titanium Steel Paved Roman Bracelet

Opes Robur’s jewellery is designed to ensure that whoever wears it stands out from the crowd - their pieces allow true expression of individuality. Their roman bangle features unique groove detailing, diamond detailing, and an open adjustment. Perfect for your next city break or night out, this bangle with sparkle under the city lights. Inspired by the luxurious feel of Cartier’s Love Bangle, this bracelet is an affordable alternative which retains the sense of decadence.

Holloway Gold Bracelet by PHIRA LONDON - £289.00

Holloway Gold Bracelet

PHIRA LONDON don’t confine their jewellery to either men or women - their brand strives to encourage and promote equality by creating only gender neutral pieces. Like Cartier, PHIRA LONDON only use materials of the highest quality. Their design aesthetic is contemporary and timeless, much like Cartier. Invest in a piece of jewellery that stands the test of time, jewellery that one day you can pass onto a loved one and it will still be adored. The Holloway gold bracelet is crafted using both gold and silver, forming a unique bracelet that is edgy and chic. Why buy Cartier when you can buy a much more specially jewellery piece for a fraction of the price!

Caleb Rose Gold Vermeil Enamel Bangle by Vurchoo - £355.00

Caleb Rose Gold Vermeil Enamel Bangle

For just £355, not only will you receive a unique bangle stylish enough to rival Cartier’s aesthetic. But you will also contribute to a charity in Rwanda. Vurchoo provides electricity to Rwandan schools for three weeks with every bangle sold. Handcrafted from 18kt rose gold plated silver and protective enamel, the Caleb Rose Gold Vermeil Enamel Bangle offers an organic floral facade using strong linear lines and vibrant colours. Don’t just pay homage to fashion, champion values of generosity and charity with this beautiful bangle.