Festivals don’t come around that often, and I’m forever upset that Coachella is only part of my life once a year. The sun was out this morning, and the memories of last summer came flooding back. I mentally flashback to sitting on the grass, with the warmth of the sun shining down on me. The distant thud of music calms me as I brush my fingers through my hair. Life is good.

The countdown to Coachella 2019 is on, and if you haven’t yet chosen your outfits then I have one question for you… ARE YOU CRAZY? Time is ticking, and the fashion industry waits for no one. To help you out with this mammoth styling task, we’ve decided to throw it back to Coachellas of the past. Take a look at the top celebrity looks of all time, and learn a few tips and tricks along the way.

Vanessa Hudgens

Our favourite high school musical actress Vanessa Hudgens sprinkles her stardom everywhere she goes. From humble beginnings at East High School, Vanessa has forged a career full of whimsical style and elite fashion inspiration. 

Much like Michael Bublé at Christmas, Vanessa seems to pop up around festival season. I always keep my eyes peeled for her Instagram updates and inevitable fashion magazine appearances. 

Vanessa is a bohemian queen and lover of all things floral. There is always a mesmerising splash of colour incorporated within her outfits, and we are living for it. Whether it be through intricate patterns and interwoven fabrics, through her gorgeous golden and fringe jewellery, to the literal sunflower that made an appearance as part of her ensemble back in 2015. 

Boho-inspired jewellery, paired with her natural hair texture is to-die-for. Make waves with your natural waves this Coachella. Choose jewellery that compliments your authentic style. Incorporate curvature in design, freedom in function, and ultimate wearability into your wardrobe. Take a look at JewelStreet’s jewellery top picks that align with Vanessa’s free-spirited and non-conformist aesthetic.


 Murkani Jewellery

Murkani Jewellery | Gold Tear Drop Hanging Earrings, Gold Grace Double Strand Disc Necklace, Gold & Black Spinel Grace Long Disc Earrings, Gold Flower Pendant Necklace | £138.00, £165.00, £162.00 and £193.00


A style icon who needs no introduction. Rihanna’s goddess-like fashion sense has captivated her fan base since day one. Golden hour is every hour when the queen of R&B is involved. You wont need an umbrella to stay at this festival, because RiRi’s style influence is sure to cast light on even the dampest of days. 

We’ve definitely found love in her expressive and unique clothing choices. Her jewellery is also always statement enough to be noticed. This is the kind of style that will make you beg the DJ to turn the music up.

Please don’t stop the music and definitely don’t stop serving style sass and fashion flavour to the masses. You can channel the same confidence and quirkiness through your own Coachella style. Take a leaf out of Rihanna’s book and go big or go home. After all, this is your annual opportunity to show us what you’re made of. 

There’s only one thing we have to say to Rihanna about her style, and that’s Te Amo

What. An. Icon.  

VOA Fine Jewellery

VOA Fine Jewellery | 14kt Gold Vermeil Infinity Hoops, 14kt Gold Vermeil Baby Chain Hoops, Signature Emerald Pink Eternity Ring, 14kt Gold Vermeil XL Alexandra Hoops | £104.00, £104.00, £2,267.00 and £141.00

Anyone & Everyone Who Has Ever Appeared On KUWTK

They have always been truly ahead of their time. From Kendall’s flared trousers in 2014 which have only just emerged on the high street, to Kim’s beige colour palette that captivated millions. If you take a few styling tips from the Kardashian/Jenners then you are bound to make this an unforgettable year for festival fashion.

Coachella style is about putting a lot of preparation into your outfit, but pulling it off in an effortless and fluid way. You need to be prepared, but you need to also look like you haven’t over-prepared. There’s a thin line between getting it right and wrong, but it’s easy to pull off once you get the hang of it. Clever pattern clashes and juxtaposing colours can work to your advantage here. 

Take a look at our top picks for jewellery inspired by the Kardashian/Jenners. You don’t need a momager to achieve the title of best dressed at Coachella...


Allumer  | Allumette Neon Bell Necklaces | £24.00


Images sourced from Pinterest.