When perusing the best celebrity engagement rings, it seems bigger is better. Who doesn’t love looking at what diamonds and gemstones our favourite A-listers are showing off this season? Deep blue sapphires. Mesmerising morganites. You need only look to the red carpet to find the next hot engagement ring trend.

Discover JewelStreet’s picks of the best celebrity engagement rings paired with our designer dupes to get the look. From Penelope Cruz’s rock-sized sapphire to Lady Gaga’s pink sapphire sensation. Choose these rings for an engagement filled with fame and fashion finesse. 


Jessica Biel

 Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel’s engagement ring is unforgettable. Featuring a six carat white diamond, two aquamarine gemstones (Jessica’s birthstone) and a halo of surrounding diamonds, this ring undoubtedly was designed to evoke a vintage feel. Rectreate this gorgeous design with Master Jewelry by John’s blue tanzanite and diamond halo engagement ring. The shape is very similar to Biel’s show-stopping ring, but rather features a coloured gemstone as the focal point of the design.

Lady Gaga

 Lady Gaga engagement ring

Lady Gaga’s pink engagement ring is probably one of the most talked-about pieces of jewellery of the past few years. Estimated at $400,000, this ring features a vibrant oval-cut pink sapphire and surrounded by diamonds, this floral-esque design is ultra-feminine and chic. Pink engagement rings have since become one of the popular engagement ring trends. Oh My Christine Jewelry have an affordable alternative to Gaga’s unreal piece. Featuring a rose gold twisted pave band and a plush pink morganite, this gorgeous ring definitely has some celebrity finesse. 

Penelope Cruz

 Penelope Cruz sapphire engagement ring

Sapphires seem to be Penelope Cruz’s favourite gemstones. She’ll often wear sapphire earrings, rings and other jewellery items on the red carpet. Her antique engagement ring is very traditional, chosen by fellow actor and husband Javier Bardem. Featuring an oval cut engagement ring, surrounded in diamonds and set in yellow gold, this classic design is elegant and timeless. Evidently, Cruz also leans towards more opulent and modern designs. Marcello Riccio’s pear cut sapphire ring is the perfect fusion of both styles. Sophisticated and chic, this incredible ring will take your style to A-list heights. 


Heidi Klum

 Heidi Klum engagement ring

For our alternative to Heidi Klum’s yellow diamond engagement ring, we have another incredible design by Oh My Christine Jewelry. Klum’s ring from her engagement with Seal features a brilliant yellow diamond, set in yellow gold with a halo of diamonds. Square cut gemstones are endlessly elegant for an engagement ring. Channelling a vintage aesthetic, this citrine dupe equals Klum’s magnificent ring in colour and glamour.

Dianna Agron

 Dianna Agron engagement ring

Dianna Agron’s engagement ring is traditional yet luxurious. Featuring the classic combination of diamonds and yellow gold, if your style is traditional and authentic, Agron’s engagement ring is sure to inspire you. For a modern twist on this classic design, LaParra’s opal ring is a fabulous alternative. The blush-coloured opal is subtly unique and given added warmth from the yellow gold setting. 

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