Coloured engagement rings are the hottest wedding trend right now. Just look at your favourite celebrities... Scarlett Johansson has a bright canary-coloured engagement ring. Blake Lively’s engagement ring is a gorgeous blush pink. Coloured engagement rings are more unique, authentic, and fun. What’s not to love?

A proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so you’ll need a ring to match such a momentous life event. To help you start the process of a festive engagement, discover our favourite coloured gemstone engagement rings. Alluring amethysts and elegant emeralds are just the start. We have an engagement ring as beautiful and unique as your beloved. Just have a scroll and find your perfect pick.


Something cool and icy

 Blue engagement rings

An aquamarine engagement ring is an unconventional pick. This show-stopping design comes from California-based designer Oh My Christine. Designer and maker Christine K is inspired by the modern woman. She handmakes elegant and feminine designs to make woman feel one-of-a-kind. Just imagine the look on your partner’s face as she sees this incredible blue ring for the first time. Show your other half how much you love their uniqueness with a ring like no other. 


Kaleidoscopic magic

 Colourful engagement ring

Sometimes, one colour is not enough. If your other half adores bright clothing, punchy designs, and bold colour combinations, then this is the perfect engagement ring for them. Featuring a bold citrine gemstone and an array of hot pink sapphires, this design is ideal for the individual who likes to stand out from the crowd. 


The colour of love

 Garnet engagement ring

Garnet is such an underrated gemstone. Usually, this gem is usually found with a rich blood red colour, however this designer’s unusual garnet ring is a little more special. Cristina Rodriguez Jewelry Artist brings to you this incredible cushion cut garnet ring with surrounding diamonds. The garnet itself radiates peachy red hues. This stunning ring is an unconventional pick for an unconventional person - is it the ring for you?

Feminine and cool

 Amethyst ring

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones. The colour of this gemstone can vary, from rich and dark purple to light and bright mauve. This ring - the design mimicking a delicate flower in the wind - features a lilac-coloured gemstone cut in a unique shape. Some people want an engagement ring like no other - something that stands out. If this sounds like the taste of your loved one, I guarantee they’ll love this piece.

Elegant as an emerald 

 Emerald engagement ring

Traditional and regal, emeralds are a timeless gemstone favoured by royals and nobles. Not everyone favours green gemstones, that’s why they’re reserved for only the most stylish individuals. This particular ring by ileava jewelry features a square cut emerald set in a yellow gold band. A fusion of Japanese and American design, this authentic ring is sure to make your proposal unforgettable. 

Pretty in pink

 Pink engagement ring

The pink engagement ring trend is huge. But that doesn’t mean pink engagement rings aren’t unique and authentic. Take this beautiful design by Master Jewelry by John. The stunning morganite gemstone is approximately 2.3 carats in weight, radiating an unforgettable blush colour. Featuring a rose gold eternity band and adorned with diamonds, this dazzling ring is a sterling pick for the woman who loves some traditional glamour.

Oh so mysterious

 Colourful engagement ring

The garden’s ring by New York-based artist Xiaohe Shen is such a unique design, they won’t be able to say anything but ‘yes, yes, yes!’ The design is focussed around a plush jadeite gemstone, known for its milky surface and unusual hue. Set in a warm gold lattice band and accented with diamonds, this amazing ring will bring joy to her life every single day.

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