Are you struggling to find your Dad a gift for Father’s Day? Are you stuck for ideas and you don’t think socks will cut it this year? Lucky for you, we have the perfect jewellery picks for every type of Dad. Does your Dad love sport? Gift him some unique sport-themed jewellery. Is your Dad the kind and sensitive type? Personalise some cufflinks that he’ll cherish forever. We love our Dads every single day of the year, but Father’s Day gives us a chance to go that extra mile and get him a gift that will make him speechless (for once!) Scroll down and discover the perfect gifts for every type of Dad. This is Father’s Day shopping made easy, so what are you waiting for?


The Classic Dad

Sterling Silver Lichen Brooch Silver & 9kt Yellow Gold Ball & Chain Cufflinks Cushion-shaped 9kt Yellow Gold Medium Signet Ring

Every father aspires to be the classic Dad. From his cool sense of style to his tasteful approach to fashion, the classic Dad always looks his best. If your Dad resonates with this description, gift him a classy and chic piece of jewellery this Father’s Day that he will cherish. A traditional signet ring will be the number one accessory on the classic Dad’s wishlist. Simple and elegance, why not engrave a classic gold signet ring that will forever remind him of his child’s love for him. Cufflinks are always a winner on Father’s Day. Gift your Dad the premium gold and silver chain cufflinks by Jeremy Herber Jewellery. The mix of metals will add a contemporary twist to this classic piece. Finally, the lichen brooch is a piece every man should have in his wardrobe. With this beauty pinned on your Dad’s tie or lapel, he will channel authentic style forevermore.

The Quirky Dad

Be Resilient Bracelet White Gold and Rose Gold Gold Bee Chain Link Cufflinks Cascade Ring Amethyst

When I think of quirky Dads I think of celebrities like Jeff Goldblum or Benedict Cumberbatch - and they wouldn’t want jewellery that’s not unique and fun. You can stay stylish and chic with quirky jewellery, so buy your Dad something that fits him down to a tee! Want a gift that will create a buzz? Gift your Dad the gold bee cufflinks for him to channel some sharp style. Does your Dad love attention to detail? The be resilient bracelet features a finely sculpted and minted 18kt white medallion, depicting a Warthog photographed while on Safari at Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. This one-of-a-kind bracelet is a bespoke piece he’ll cherish. Finally, for the quirky Dad who’s also eccentric, the cascade ring is the perfect pick for him!#

The Sporty Dad

Carmen Medium Bracelet Silver Sterling Silver Rugby Ball Cufflinks Fern Green Admiral Silver And Leather Bracelet

If your Dad loves sport, sport, and more sport, then we have an array of gifts he’ll love. A sleek chain bracelet will be the perfect accompaniment to your Dad’s tennis or golfing gear. Elegant and modern, he will certainly look the part with Buddha to Buddha’s bracelet sat on his wrist. If your Dad’s style is a little more classic, go for the leather green bracelet by Anchor & Crew. The anchor fastening makes this the perfect gift for those of you whose father relishes being by the sea. All of Ancho & Crew’s jewellery is ethically made with premium materials making this a quality gift for a quality Dad. Finally, the rugby ball cufflinks are the ultimate pick for sports fanatics. If your Dad (like mine) is a huge rugby fan, he’ll love you even more after giving him these gifts!

The Thoughtful Dad

Personalised Monogrammed Signet Ring Silver  Bronze Four Agreements Bar Adjustable Necklace Gold Edition Artwork Cufflinks

Thoughtful Dads deserve thoughtful gifts. Ditch the boring autobiographies, the socks and the ‘yet-another-t-shirt’ and gift your Dad something that lasts a lifetime this year. This signet ring by Posh Totty Designs can be personalised with your Dad’s initials, making this a gift he will treasure and wear with pride. Is your Dad not a ring-wearer? Perhaps he’d prefer a pendant designed to channel positive vibes. The Bronze Four Agreements Bar Adjustable Necklace features four features four motivational quotes that will imbue your Dad’s life with a little bit of joy and wisdom. You don’t come by gifts this special often! Finally, if it’s your partner’s first few Father’s Day, gift him a pair of cufflinks featuring with a picture drawn by your little ones. What is more special than a piece of jewellery that captures the earliest memories of your child? A gift like that is priceless!

The Traveller Dad

Yellow Gold Plated Astronaut Pendant  Sterling Silver Peace Globe Charm 14k Atolyestone Charm Bracelet

For the jetsetting Dad, gift him jewellery that will travel all over the world with him! The astronaut pendant is a fun and playful piece that reflects his adventurous side. He’ll look down at this lovely piece with warm memories of home and of his family. Give a gift this Father’s Day that channels positive energy to follow your Dad on his travels. GlobalSoul Jewellery craft jewellery with the aim of balancing your thoughts, words and actions. Each piece of GlobalSoul Chi Jewellery is unique and lovingly made in the UK and is hallmarked with the brand’s authentic stamp. Our final pick for the travelling Dad is the 14k Atolyestone Charm Bracelet. This unique men's bracelet is made of agate stones coupled with the signature charm in 14k solid gold, so you know it will stand the test of time! Keep your Dad looking cool on his travels with a chic and modern bracelet he won’t want to take off!