The JewelStreet theme of the week is Colourful Statement, celebrating jewellery that is full of bold and bright splashes of colour, from rainbow pieces, to primary colours, to neon delights. The best way to inject colour into your jewellery box is with gemstones - brilliant crystals that carry spiritual meaning and sophisticated colours. Gemstones give a beautiful colour however you wear them, but what if you want to combine them? The more gemstones means more colour, but you don’t want to clash or create a look that is a complete eye-sore.

Below is the top 4 gemstone combinations, for vibrant colour and dazzling sophistication. We’re taking a look at the aesthetic appeal and spirituality and meaning.  But first, discover how to match your colours together by going back to basics and consulting the colour wheel.

The colour wheel is something we were taught in primary school, but it’s still helpful to look at, especially when you want to combine gemstones. Let’s start with the triadic colours. These are colours that make up a triangle on the colour wheel. A good example for this is orange, purple and green. They are drastically different colours but when combined together, they create a beautiful look. Choose one colour to stand out in your jewellery and use the others as accents.

Next is complementary colours. These colours are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel and perfectly complement each other and balance each other out, like red and green. Finally, the analogous colours. These colours are right next to each other and therefore relate to each other, like blue and green or red and yellow.  Now that you know how to use the colour wheel to create your jewellery look, check out our top 4 gemstone combinations below.

Ruby & Emerald

Starting off with the most sophisticated and more expensive gemstones, we have ruby and emerald. Ruby and emerald are part of the top 4 gemstones, along with diamond and sapphire. They are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel, meaning they complement and balance each other. The colours together are very bright, vibrant and perfect for the festive season. Their spiritual properties are similar, with ruby being the stone of love, loyalty and good fortune, and emerald symbolising compassion, unity and is otherwise known as the ‘Stone of Successful Love’. If you’re thinking of proposing and your fiance-to-be is a fan of colour, a ruby and emerald ring is a good choice. Alternatively, treat yourself to a pair of ruby and emerald earrings - you deserve it!

Joana Salazar Delicate Sparkling Earrings (Left)| £2,515.00
Jaime Moreno Designer Jewelry White Gold & Multi-Gemstone Arco Iris Sobre El Mar Ring (Middle)| £2,904.00
Biiju | Daisy Chain Bracelet (Right)| £575.00

Rose Quartz & Amethyst

Both rose quartz and amethyst are members of the quartz family and sit next to each other on the colour wheel, making them the perfect analogous colour pair. Rose quartz has a pretty pink colour that works with the majority of gemstones, but alongside amethyst, rose quartz truly shines. Together, the two gemstones connect to the heart and are very spiritual, connecting the self to the universe. The pink quartz works well with a pretty purple amethyst or makes a beautiful contrast with a green amethyst, for more colour.

Biiju Carousel Bracelet (Middle)| £650.00
Mishanto LondonTalya Green Amethyst And Rose Quartz Drop Earrings (Right)| £195.00

Pearl & Diamond

Pearls and diamonds are precious gemstones, that should always be a feature in your jewellery box. The two gemstones have gorgeous neutral colours and a natural shine, meaning they complement each other perfectly. The gemstones together can create an array of looks, from a subtle string of pearls with a diamond accent or an over the top pair of earrings. Their beauty alone is gorgeous enough, so you can really play around with this combination. Choose a diamond ring and make pearls a surrounding accent or make an even combination of the two.

Isaac Westman Freshwater Pearl And Diamond Bracelet (Left)| £1,205.00
Oh my Christine Jewelry White Pearl With Diamond Necklace (Right)| £243.00

Turquoise & Coral

Although surprising, blue and orange are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel and are therefore complementary colours. For gemstone picks, turquoise and coral are a beautiful and natural combination. The deep blue-green of the turquoise highlights the vibrant pink-orange of the coral. These colours are also an ideal way to make a neon look. Although these gemstones work together, it can be hard to find jewellery that features both. Why not try layering turquoise and coral necklaces for a summery look?

Lucy and Penny Ingrid Sterling Coral Earrings (Left)| £68.00
Vintouch Italy Turquoise & Coral Necklace With Wentletrap Shell (Middle)| £114.00
Marcello Riccio Rose Gold & Turquoise Ring (Right)| £600.00