Glastonbury has witnessed some of the most iconic fashion moments in history. Why? Firstly, iconic music attracts iconic people. Countless celebrities have graced the crowds of this historic music event. It’s just over one month until Glastonbury 2019, which is predicted to be one of the biggest music events to date. Today we’re turning up the volume to 11 with the top celebrity Glastonbury fashion hits of of all time. Who could forget Kate Moss under the arm of Pete Doherty. Or Lily Allen bursting onto the music scene wearing a prom dress.

Scroll down and see the most iconic Glastonbury fashion ensembles.

Kate Moss 2004

Kate Moss 2004

Kate Moss and festival fashion - name a more iconic duo. Since 2003, Moss has been setting sky-high standards for Glastonbury festival fashion. Who can wear a wellies and hotpants and still look 10/10 chic? Kate Moss. That’s who. Out of all her favourite festival looks, Moss draped in furs whilst repping a pair of oversized shades has to be my favourite. Accessorising with a sleek gold arm cuff and onyx gemstone ring, Moss radiates understated and cool fashion finesse. Get inspired by Moss’ signature high-fashion look this summer for a Glasto look your friends won’t forget.


Lily Allen 2007

Lily Allen Glastonbury 2007

An artist making her entrance into the music wearing a magenta pink prom dress and trainers is sure to leave an impression. Lily Allen, in that typical rebellious Lily Allen way, did just that. Her first Glastonbury performance in 2007 was undertaken in one of the most iconic fashion ensembles in music history. Styling her look with a gold chain and multiple gold rings, Lily Allen made ‘underdressed’ look endlessly glamorous. Whilst no one has quite nailed this look like Lily Allen did, a gold chain is a jewellery box staple. Invest in a sleek gold chain this season and channel cool girl casual like the icon that is Lily Allen.

Sienna Miller 2010

Sienna Miller Glastonbury 2010

If anyone can revive the 70s stacked bangle and healing gemstone jewellery, it’s Sienna Miller. Revive her 2019 style in 2019 by mixing and matching some wooden and sterling silver bangles for a truly classic festival look. Many people consider beaded jewellery outdated and kitschy, but who doesn’t love a little throwback when it comes to fashion? Embrace the era of love with 70s beaded jewellery that will imbue your Glasto look with a touch of Woodstock. Sienna Miller styles her beaded jewellery with a simple vest and pair of denim shorts. Go simply with your clothing and add pops of colour with your jewellery. Even if the suns not out this year, your outfit will radiate bright and sunny vibes.


Jameela Jamil 2010

Jameela Jamil Glastonbury 2010

Jameela Jamil shows us how to wear a leather cuff (or three). Channelling classic 2010 boho style, Jameela styles an oversized cardigan with stacked leather cuffs, a beaded necklace and a fedora. Of course, when you’re as fabulous of Jameela Jamil, you can pull off just about anything. But take a leaf out of her style diaries and bag yourself an edgy leather cuff that radiates confidence and attitude.


Alexa chung 2017

Alexa Chung Glastonbury 2017

Queen of Glastonbury, Alexa Chung, serves up some next-level fashion finesse year after year at Glastonbury. From teeny-tiny denim shorts to sophisticated tea dresses, Alexa will never fail to put a festival style twist on her Glasto ensembles. Her background in high fashion ensures her outfits never miss the mark when it’s festival season. Just look at her - she can wear a worn out jumper and still look effortlessly elegant! Channel some Chungtastic magic this year with an oversized jumper and a killer jacket (you may need to fend yourself against the weather!) Style with a sleek signet ring and dainty hoops and there you have it… you’re ready for the ultimate British festival experience.

Alana Haim 2017

Alana Haim Glastonbury 2017

Forget the Kardashians, HAIM have to be the most stylish sisters to have graced this planet. Their genius take on 70s fashion makes them the best trio for Glastonbury style inspiration. Think flared cuts, mismatched textures, and endless prints. Whilst it’s almost impossible to choose just one icon from the three sisters, Alana’s 2017 Glastonbury outfit was a majestic sight to behold. Pairing an oriental patterned shirt with a pair of blue velvet trousers, Alana shows us how eclectic is the word to channel at festival season. She adorned her look with a moon pendant and pair of sleek gold hoops. Channel HAIM at Glastonbury next month and I guarantee everyone’s festival experience will be that extra bit sweeter.