Fashion bloggers and influencers have become extremely influential over recent years, with social media users following them for inspiration and the latest style advice. Fashion bloggers endorse and work with popular mainstream brands, either promoting their products or collaborating with them to create their own collections.

The fashion and beauty industry have taken full advantage of the power of social media and have wasted no time finding the most popular influencers to work with. For example, beauty blogger Camila Coelho launched a line of lipsticks with Lancôme, Victoria Magrath created her own line of handbags with Strathberry and A Model Recommends partnered with Colab Dry Shampoo. Jewellery companies like Missoma have also started to promote their jewellery through social media influencers, like Emma Louise Connolly, Oenone Forbat and Tanya Burr.

Let’s take a look at the top influencers who have collaborated with high-end jewellery brands to create their own collections.

Estée Lalonde X Daisy Jewellery

Canadian-born and London-based blogger Estée Lalonde is a highly respected voice in the fashion and beauty industry. Estée developed her following on her YouTube channel and blog, giving fashion and beauty advice, and has since gone on to create her own podcast, write a book and become a brand ambassador for Adidas, Garnier and Lancôme. In 2018, Estée launched her own jewellery line with Daisy Jewellery. Her collection puts a contemporary twist on vintage pieces. Inspired by 1970s style and the bohemian trend, Estée’s collection is full of staple jewellery items, like signet rings, hoop earrings and chain necklaces in classic golds and silvers.

Lucy Williams X Missoma

Full-time blogger on her travel and fashion blog Fashion Me Now, Lucy Williams is a model, brand consultant and jewellery lover. Having worked for numerous magazines as a fashion assistant, Lucy has endless experience and knowledge when it comes to the fashion industry. Over a four year period, Lucy Williams created three jewellery collections with popular brand Missoma. Inspired by natural treasures, Lucy’s collection features Roman and ancient iconography, staple pieces and colourful gemstones.

Binky Felstead X Philippa Herbert

Former Made in Chelsea star and fitness influencer, Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead teamed up with high-end jewellery brand, Philippa Herbert. Following the birth of her daughter India, Binky’s friend and godfather to her daughter commissioned Philippa Herbert to create a gold charm featuring India’s fingerprints. Binky’s collection was released in March 2019 for Mother’s Day and is inspired by family and motherhood. Binky’s collection features birthstones, mother and baby charms, constellation jewellery and cocktail rings - something for everyone!

Hanna Schönberg X Safira

Swedish fashion blogger and influencer Hanna Schönberg has collaborated with numerous fashion brands to create products for her followers. Recently, she teamed up with NA - KD, a Swedish clothing brand to create her own line of tops. In jewellery, Hanna has collaborated with Safira, a jewellery company renowned for collaborating with influencers, like Anika Teller. Hanna’s collection is full of beautiful silver and gold jewellery, inspired by vintage pieces and guardian angels.

Erica Davies X SVP Jewellery

Erica Davies is a stylist, brand consultant and fashion journalist, who was previously Fashion Director for numerous magazines and newspapers, like LOOK and The Sun. Erica writes for her award-nominated blog The Edited, providing advice and style tips to her followers. Erica collaborated with SVP Jewellery in 2018, to create four beautiful adjustable rings, featuring gemstones like malachite, sunstone, moonstone and black agate. SVP Jewellery is also one of the many designers we have on the JewelStreet website! If you love her designs, take a look at more below and visit the SVP Jewellery boutique here.


SVP Jewellery Sunday Girl Blue Sunstone 18kt Gold Vermeil Adjustable RingMoondance Amazonite Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring & Hero Courage 18kt Gold Vermeil Adjustable Ring | £85.00, £95.00 & £85.00

Vogue Williams X Katie Mullally

Vogue Williams is an Irish model, television presenter and radio DJ. A popular instagrammer, her posts on fitness, modelling and motherhood (Vogue and ex-Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews had a son last year), show Vogue as an influential and positive role model to her followers. In 2018, Vogue partnered with Katie Mullally to create her own jewellery line. Both coming from an Irish background, Vogue and Katie worked together to create Irish-themed jewellery, like Irish coin necklaces, shamrock and claddagh charms and simple stacking rings. JewelStreet are proud to have Katie Mullally on our website! If you are a big fan of her designs, take a look at her pieces below and visit the Katie Mullally page here.


Katie Mullally Irish 6 Pence Gold Plated Coin NecklaceBeaten Heart Silver Charm & Small Gold Plated Wishbone Charm | £149.00, £97.00 & £144.00