Fashion and beauty influencers are bigger and more influential than ever. Countless people look to their Instagram feeds for the latest fashion and beauty trends, new brands and style tips. Fashion influencers are recognised more in the mainstream media and in the fashion industry than ever before. Many influencers have collaborated with high-end luxury brands, like Victoria Magrath a.k.a inthefrow, who has teamed up with the likes of Thomas Sabo, Dior and Armani Beauty. Others have gone on to write books and fashion bloggers are seen regularly at the front row of Fashion Week events.

Whatever people look to Instagram and content creators for, it is hard to deny that they have envious style and amazing advice about fashion and jewellery. Instagram has become a place for endless style inspiration, including #OOTDs. What is an OOTD, you ask? It stands for Outfit Of The Day, where simply, people share what they’re wearing that day! These #OOTDs can even inspire people into making better and more sustainable fashion choices.

Check out the top influencers that you NEED to be following for #OOTD inspiration.

Oenone Forbat @oenone

Personal trainer, podcaster and fashion enthusiast, Oenone is a constant source for inspiration. Whether she’s giving fitness advice, talking about feminism and millennial life or just hitting her followers with brutal honesty, Oenone is a woman who isn’t afraid to voice her opinions. She uses her social media platforms to educate others and she does it all while looking fierce and flawless. Oenone wears an eclectic mix of patterns, colours and she does it all with confidence, whether she’s modelling activewear or ‘going-out’ attire. Recently, she has been showing off her #EOTD (Ear Of The Day) on her Instagram stories. She is a big fan of earrings and jewellery, favouring gold accents and accessories to complete her looks.

Follow Oenone’s Instagram for envious style and empowering thoughts - a wonderful combination that you need on your feed!

Venetia Falconer @venetiafalconer

Venetia Falconer is a presenter, podcaster and environmentalist, who uses her platform for positive change. Venetia is a spokesperson for sustainability in the fashion industry and is extremely vocal about the changes that we can make to save the planet. Her Instagram feed is full of fashion tips and tricks, the truth of what fast fashion is doing to the world, veganism and environmentalism. Her #OOOTDs (Old Outfit Of The Day) consist of her styling clothes that are years old or charity shop buys, and showing her followers how to reinvent their clothes by upcycling and different styling.

Follow Venetia for advice on how to reinvent your clothes and find a new love for the items already in your wardrobe.

Eni @eniswardrobe

Stylist and fashion blogger, Eni is a style guru and really knows what she’s talking about. Originally from Nigeria, Eni moved to London to study Art and Illustration and has since gone on to pursue a career in fashion and furthered her studies to become an editorial stylist. Eni’s blog is a place of wisdom, with ‘how-to’ fashion posts and lookbooks emphasising her unique and stylish taste. Her Instagram is the perfect feed if you’re looking for the latest trends and accessories. She sports different patterns and fabrics, and has incredible shots of her street style.

Follow Eni for street style and informative blog posts.

Lizzy Hadfield @shotfromthestreet

Lizzy Hadfield is a fashion blogger, YouTuber and model, behind the popular blog Shot From The Street. Lizzy is a fountain of fashion knowledge. Her YouTube channel features fashion and clothing hauls, what she wore in the week videos and her ‘Testing Basics’ series, where she shows how to style a basic item of clothing. Her Instagram is full of street style and she shows how simple and staple colours or items in your wardrobe can go a long way.

Follow Lizzy for fashion inspiration and if you ever need to get back to basics with your style - she can show you how it’s done!

Danielle Bernstein @weworewhat

Danielle Bernstein is the founder of weworewhat, an influential fashion blog. Danielle is also a podcaster, was featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list and has developed her own clothing line and accessories range. Danielle is doing it all, and doing it with flair and style. Her Instagram features envious style from her native hometown New York and she is constantly showing off the latest trends and innovative jewellery and accessories. Her jewellery game is strong, and she constantly sports different styles, from oversized chunky earrings to dainty layered necklaces.

Follow Danielle for jewellery style tips and stunning photographs.