Did you know that the average person spends almost an hour on Instagram per day? This social media app has risen to the forefront of modern day communication. You can see the highlights of your best friend’s holiday, the pictures your children post from university, and the latest celebrity pictures all in one place. But, how do you ensure that your instagram pictures are being seen within this busy technoscape? A good Instagram caption paired with a well-edited photo is the way forward.

If you’re looking to post a selfie with the new earrings you bought, or the necklace your partner bought you for your anniversary, then look no further. We have the Instagram top tips for you.

Take a look at our top 5 Jewellery inspired Instagram captions. We have used them alongside some of our favourite independent jewellery designers’ photography. How could you go wrong with luxury handmade pieces?


1. Life is never bo-ring with JewelStreet

Ring Instagram Caption

There's no fun without a pun. Show your followers your funny and humorous side. Remember to not take your content too seriously. Your Instagram profile should primarily be for you, not for others. Curate your content the way you want to, and caption your pictures however you feel. Who cares if it's cringe? Guaranteed your fellow cringe-loving sisters will gather round in support.


2. New Year, New Earrings

Earrings Instagram Caption

Don't be afraid to use emojis. Use one, use two, use three... use fifty! A picture does say a thousand words, and emojis definitely add separate captions of their own. The heart eyes emoji for example speaks volumes. It screams desirability, luxury and adoration. How could you not adore these gorgeous earrings from Carou?


3. He thought the view was pretty, but I thought his necklace was prettier

Men's necklace Instagram caption

Taking a photo of your other half is part and parcel of being in a relationship. Sometimes, these kinds of pictures can be scrolled past because some people may not know your other half, and some may not have any context to the image. Consider writing a humorous caption to go alongside it like the one above. Make your followers assume that you will say "he was prettier" and then humorously end by mentioning the luxury necklace instead. 


4. 'Tis the sea-sun to wear layered necklaces

Layering Instagram Caption

I know that Christmas seems like it was only yesterday, but I already have my eyes on the Summer months. Start choosing your jewellery now and you can look as stylish as this beach babe. As I mentioned above, you can never go wrong with a pun. A play on words is hilarious (in my opinion) and reflects the joyful and relaxing vibes of a summer holiday.

For more inspiration...

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