Where else do you look for the current fashion, best how-to-wear guide and on-trend jewellery? We took a look at the coolest autumn/winter jewellery trends making their debut on the streets of London Fashion Week.

Fresh from the streets of London, insta-stars, bloggers and fashion queens are styling this seasons must-have jewellery. From big hoop earrings to chunky chain necklaces, these trends are beautifully simple and easy to incorporate into your jewellery rotation.

Hoop Earrings
The streets of London were glistening in the autumn sun thanks to big, bold, gold hoop earrings paired with grande chunky checks.

Hoop earrings have clean silhouettes that are fresh, fun and easy to wear. Instead of the classic dainty hoop earrings, opt for big curves in gold for on-trend autumn/winter 2018 vibes - the bigger the better. What a better way to accessorise your winter check coat?

JewelStreet’s Top Picks:

Black Betty Designs | Spiked Loops | £1,227
Cara Tonkin | Gold Theda Stripe Hoop Earrings | £215
Fei Lui | Gold & Zirconia Serenity Large Hoop Earrings | £400

Want a Aymeline Valade (pictured left) inspired dainty hoop look without compromising on size? Black Betty have taken the traditional hoop and given it a new big and dainty tear-drop shape. These hoops are expertly handcrafted out of ethically sourced 18kt yellow gold and feature conflict-free black diamond studded needles for extra edgy-chic sparkle. These earrings are BIG, hanging below the jawline, but their thin curves make them beautifully dainty.

Or do you fancy the detail hoop look a bit more? Cara Tonkin’s and Fei Lui’s handcrafted gold hoops feature beautiful curves and luscious linears, giving your ear-game an upgrade. The Cara Tonkin Theda Stripe Hoops feature two hoops held together by individual golden bars that charmingly reflect the natural light. Lightweight, eye-catching and wonderfully contemporary; what more could you want?

If linears aren’t for you, the Fei Lui Serenity Large Hoop Earrings feature curvaceous infinity knots set with sparkling Cubic Zirconia. These elegant spiral hoops sit at the jawline, framing the face in a bold and contemporary way.

Chunky Chain Links
It’s time to link-in! Chunky chain links made a big, show-stopping appearance at LFW this September.

These chains are a great way to spice up your casual outfits and make them more trendy and eye-catching. They draw attention without being too over or understated: the perfect balance. You can pair a chain link necklace with a simple black dress and transform your outfit from simple to spectacular.

JewelStreet’s Top Picks:


Apis Atelier | Selene Necklace | £492
BuDhaGirl | Gold Temple Chain Necklace | £113
Kirsten Hendrich Jewellery | Oxidised Valiant Chain | £375

Apis Atelier’s necklace is inspired by its namesake, the Greek goddess of the moon Selene. The beautiful ancient bronze handmade small chain links are lightweight, will beautifully shimmer in the moonlight and shine in the light of day. Ease in to the chunky chain trend with a slightly daintier chain necklace that has just the same amount of omph.

Find your inner spirituality in style with the BuDahGirl Temple Chain necklace. Just as no two days are the same, neither are the chain links in this handcrafted on-trend necklace. Handmade in yellow gold plate, this necklace features links of all shapes; round, square, rectangular and Swarovski crystal embellished to represent how life is always evolving. This necklace is a great way to add some quirky style to this chunky link trend.

Continuing with the mis-matching link theme, Kirsten Hendrich Jewellery’s Oxidised Valiant Chain features round and oval links of all sizes. If the bold gold’s are a bit much, this necklace offers some edgy silver. This chain would effortlessly stand the test of time and be your new go-to necklace for all occasions; it’s bold but not too brash.

Gold hardware & Dangling Earrings

It’s all about framing. These earrings are all about maximum drama from the neck-up, so embrace the big earrings trend and drop it low with some dangling earrings (and style with some a-la-mode polka dots!

Earrings are certainly the best-sellers this year. We’ve already seen that bigger hoops are better, and the same is for drop earrings. Big, gold and eye-catching drop earrings were all over the London streets.

JewelStreet’s Top Picks:


KOKKU | Corbula Goccia Earrings | £1,100
Paolo Costagli New York | Yellow Gold Brilliant Earrings | £6,617
Inês Telles | Yellow Gold Plated Long Solar Earrings | £173

Big drops frame the face and without much effort! If you’re not sure about exchanging you dainty studs for big drop earrings, the Corbula Goccia Earrings from KOKKU are simple, elegant and a great piece for easing into the big drop style. They add drama and intrigue without overwhelming your big earring debut.

If you’re a gold hardware and drop earring(s) pro, the Yellow Gold Brilliant Earrings by Paolo Costagli New York and the Yellow Gold Plated Long Solar Earrings by Inês Telles are the pieces you should be eyeing. Paolo Costagli has incorporated repeated pattern and geometric elements to create a jaw-dropping (and jaw-reaching) pair of statement earrings; what better way to style this trend?

If your style edges towards boho then the Yellow Gold Plated Long Solar Earrings by Inês Telles are a great addition to your jewellery box; they play between the hollow and the full, the light and it’s absence and feature a scratched finish. They are bold and block, no matter how big the scarves are this year, these earrings will still be the boldest thing you wear.

(Sources: Pinterest & REX)