Say goodbye to generic engraved jewellery as there’s a new wave of unique and innovative ways to personalise jewellery, and one designer at the head of this is London’s Jessie V E. She’s actually hiding meaningful messages and dates in the diamonds themselves, which is not only incredibly innovative but a much more chic and understated way of wearing personalised jewellery.

Developing new and unique ways of personalising jewellery is at the heart of Jessie V E’s designs, so when she wanted to create a completely different way of hiding meaningful message in rings, this is what she came up with. Jessie’s ‘Feel the Love’ rings are designed with a hidden date or words in the actual diamonds using the Braille alphabet. “On the outside I wanted the rings to appear quite classic and simple, almost like three pave diamond bands stacked together, which makes the fact that every ring is completely unique even more subtle.”

Certain diamonds are hand-set upside-down, with their points facing upwards so that in Yellow Gold 'Feel The Love' Secret Diamond Braille Ringthe Braille alphabet a message is spelled out. The difference between the upside down and the regularly set diamonds is almost invisible to the naked eye, so no one but you will know the secret they hold. The diamonds glisten and sparkle in slightly different ways, but remain hidden amongst the diamond rows.

Of course the secret message you choose is completely up to you, but the most popular messages have been wedding or birth dates, nicknames and even a bride’s new surname. The rings are available with an 18kt white, rose or yellow gold shank, with the diamonds set into 18kt white gold. Currently, the message length is 6 or 8 characters long, however Jessie is launching a signet version of the rings very soon, which will feature just two letters, for initials.

We love how subtle and intimate the personalisation on these rings are, as no one but you will know the secret message the diamonds hold. Great as an anniversary present or even as an alternative wedding band or engagement ring. Shop Jessie V E here