Let’s go to the movies… let’s go see the stars! The film industry has given us inspiration throughout the ages, whether it’s how not to get killed in a horror movie, how to get away with robbing a bank or how to find the love of your life. You may yawn at the thought of a romcom or a love story, but movies have taught us a lot about romantic love over the years and all in the space of 120 minutes.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’m going to guide you through the Best Movie Couples of all time and their iconic jewellery to match. From the classics to modern day favourites, we all have our favourite movie couple and since we can’t steal their love, let’s steal their style!

Scarlett and Rhett in Gone With The Wind

“You need kissing badly.”

Gone With The Wind was made in 1939 and is one of the most popular romance films of all time. The film won 10 Academy Awards and is the most successful film in box-office history. Scarlett O’Hara is a strong willed woman who fights for the survival of her family during the American Civil War. She is a widow who is in love with a married man but it is her attraction to her second husband Rhett Butler that had everyone talking. They fight and love passionately and although it ends badly, we were gifted with the line: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”


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Despite being in black and white, Gone With The Wind has stunning period-piece costumes and dazzling jewellery. Steal Scarlett’s look with an oversized poofy green dress and choker necklaces. Go for a thick black choker with a gem centrepiece or a salmon pink chain choker with matching coral earrings.


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Edward and Vivian in Pretty Woman

“She rescues him right back.”

The iconic outfits, the incredible shopping spree and Julia Roberts singing Prince songs in a massive bubble bath are all reasons I fell in love with Pretty Woman. Edward Lewis picks up Vivian, a prostitute and pays her to spend the week with him. They fall in love and the couple both change in positive ways due to each other’s influences.


The most iconic scene is when Edward offers Vivian a ruby and diamond necklace to wear to the Opera. An improvised moment from Richard Gere saw him slap the box down on Julia Roberts’ hand as she reaches in to touch the necklace, resulting in them both laughing. The necklace stole the show with its dazzling beauty. Wear a similar necklace to wow your Valentine’s date, with the trademark red dress and white gloves.

Satine and Christian in Moulin Rouge

“I will love you until my dying day.”

This bohemian and romantic musical will always be one of my favourites. It tells the story of a courtesan falling in love with a penniless writer and the tragedy that ensues, from bad health and outside interferences. The movie is full of gems, jewels, over the top costumes and decadent jewellery.


The end scene of the movie is one of the saddest with Satine dying in Christian’s arms (sorry, spoiler). It also gave us stunning jewellery, with Satine's bejewelled headpiece and statement necklace that started high up her neck and flowed down to her cleavage. This look is for the more decadent and daring jewellery wearers out there. Steal Satine’s look and wear jewells everywhere - a tiara, necklace, earrings, the works!

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Jack and Rose in Titanic

“You jump I jump.”

Another tragic love story that had me crying for days afterwards. Jack and Rose meet on the Titanic and fall in love, despite Rose’s privileged background and cruel fiancee and Jack’s poor lifestyle. As the ship goes down, Jack and Rose hit the water and Jack sadly dies due to the freezing temperature.


The Heart of the Ocean is the most remembered and admired jewellery piece from any movie ever! The 56 karat blue diamond necklace cut into the shape of a heart oozes sophistication and wealth. Now I don’t want you to break the bank this Valentine’s day, so instead take inspiration from the blue gem and look towards sapphires. Sapphires are a gemstone that represents faithfulness and trust and makes the perfect engagement ring - if you’re thinking of popping the question this Valentine’s Day!


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Holly and Paul in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“I loved her enough to forget myself.”

Holly Golightly is a Manhattan socialite who is searching for a rich older man to marry so she can obtain his wealth. She meets Paul, a writer who moves into her apartment building and the two have an instant connection. After Holly spends a night in jail and plans to move to Brazil, Paul declares his love for her and they share a passionate kiss in the rain.


Holly Golightly is one of the most memorable roles of Audrey Hepburn’s career and in movie history. Her little black dress, big sunglasses and dainty tiara make her a style icon and if you want to treat your loved one this Valentine’s day, while achieving the Holly Golightly look, pick pearls. Pearls are one of the oldest and most precious gems, loved by celebrities and royalty. Pearls are luxurious and classic, so why not give the gift of pearls this Valentine’s day?


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Romeo + Juliet

“Did my heart love until now?”

The timeless William Shakespeare play was reimagined with a modern setting and the gorgeous Leonardo DiCaprio in Baz Luhrman’s adaptation of Romeo + Juliet. Romeo and Juliet fall in love despite their families hatred for each other. They marry in a secret ceremony but due to their families and friends fighting, the two star-crossed lovers take their lives in order to be with one another.


Hawaiian shirts and angel costumes aside, take inspiration from Romeo + Juliet to treat the man in your life this Valentine’s day. The Montague boys wear bold silver rings. At JewelStreet we have stunning signet rings, fashion rings and plain bands for whatever style you favour.


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