Street Style London Fashion Week

The street style connoisseurs seen at London Fashion Week are who you should look to for jewellery inspiration. Creative, dynamic, and chic, SS20 street style fashion showed us that jewellery is still the juicy cherry on top of a sleek outfit.

Layered jewellery is still the reigning trend, with stacked rings, earrings and necklaces being styled in new and creative ways. London Fashion Week is the time where excess is made effortless, where no colour combination is by any means gauche, and where the next month’s trends are solidified through the stylish city-dwellers.

Indeed, there was some notable avant-garde accessories seen on the runway this season. But today, we’re looking to the streets for influence. I’ve handpicked the best street style jewellery looks spotted at London Fashion Week SS20. Feel inspired by these innovative and unique styling choices.


Colour pop 

Colour is not just for the summer months. Stylist Nana was among many shot by Adam Katz Sinding at London Fashion Week, who sported a plush pink beaded bag with gold jewellery. From neon sunglasses, clothing, jewellery, even hair. The street style fashion proved that the colour pop trend is certainly one to stay. Make this trend your own with coloured gemstones or enamel jewellery for a contemporary look that remains authentic.


Layered silver

How could we cover fashion week without referring to Jonathan Daniel Pryce’s incredible photography. Fashion week marked a special milestone who just released his first book Garcon Style. His effortless ability to capture the male subject in such a natural light is impeccable. This photograph underscores the increasing finesse for jewellery men are showing. With layered silver pendants, layered baroque earrings, and layered stacking rings, this street style aficionado took layering to heavenly heights. Take note...


Hoops, hoops, hoops

Hoops are a timeless and versatile jewellery item. During fashion week, we saw hoops styled in many different ways. From the classic single silver hoop to layered chunky gold huggies. This is a jewellery item every woman needs in her jewellery box… and man for that matter! Tyler Joe snapped some chic displays of what I shall coin ‘hooping’. Check out his account for other fabulous coverage of fashion season.


Pearl sensations

We don’t want to sound like a broken record in our admiration of pearl jewellery. But with pearls like these how can one ignore the beauty of this classic gemstone. Y/Project’s spiral pearl earrings were seen on Yves Saint Laurent’s runway last season, and now they’ve been reinvented by street style fashionistas such as Jaime Shipton. Peruse our selection of pearl jewellery and recreate this statement look.


Show-stopping signets (dog advised)

A denim suit, woollen hat, and stacked signet rings. Who knew such an eclectic ensemble could be so chic? Signet rings are a jewellery box staple for men and women. Whilst they’re not to everyone’s taste, a signet ring is a powerful and traditional jewellery item that will never go out of style. Layer some chunky signet rings on your fingers for a modern look that retains elegance and class. Like this anonymous street style subject, a bulldog would indeed complete such a refined look, but we all have limits. 


Industrial chains

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