The classic wedding jewellery for you

You’ve probably chosen your dress, secured your dream venue and tasted an array of cake samples up until this point, but choosing bridal jewellery is often a step that most brides leave until last. With Classic Wedding jewellery in particular, it is important to get searching early on in the planning process.

A classic wedding style is one of the most popular for many couples. It’s grounded in traditional fashions. Think Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Beautiful and refined. Simplicity and clarity. 

Here at JewelStreet we have put together a foolproof guide to styling your classic bridal style. We combine refined colour schemes with ultra elegance in this stunning jewellery collection. It’s hard not to fall in love all over again. 


Pearls have been a staple wedding accessory for many years, and always remain on-trend for classic and traditional weddings. ORA Pearls’ jewellery pieces, created by renowned designer Bibi Southwell, depict a delicate and feminine take on the classic theme. 

Bibi’s pearl pieces convey a sense of clarity and simplicity. They allow you to have a refined, uncluttered and simplistic style on one of the biggest days of your lives. 

Freshwater pearls remain the focal point of these understated pieces. Bibi professionally hand-picks each and every pearl she uses to ensure the highest quality throughout her collection. 

One major mistake that brides tend to make is over-complicating their style. You can do this in several ways: by buying a jewellery item that is difficult to assemble or wear; by buying a jewellery item that is uncomfortable to wear; or by buying a jewellery item that clashes with the dress. 

Style tip: Pair these pearl pendants with a v-neck, high neck, or bateau neckline. Steer clear of the sweetheart and strapless styles for this one. 

The classic wedding jewellery for you

The classic wedding jewellery for you

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For those who may not know, a classic wedding theme runs side by side with that of a traditional style. With regards to the day itself, the structure will include a church ceremony, the cutting of the cake, speeches and a bouquet toss. You want to be wearing lightweight jewellery that will enable you to move through the day seamlessly. Not only that, but you need to ensure that your jewellery stands out too. 

There is a misconception in the wedding jewellery world that bigger means better. From towering tiaras to enormous chandelier earrings. However, with a classic wedding style, the opposite is true. 

The ERAYA diamond handmade jewellery treasures have a minimal size, but a maximum impact. Aren’t they just mesmerising?

The classic wedding jewellery for you

The classic wedding jewellery for you

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The classic wedding jewellery for you

A classic bridal style would retain a sense of simplicity and clean-cut minimalism. Dresses are usually white, cream or champagne and have a romantic feel to them. In order to seamlessly compliment this, it is important to accessorise with statemented and timeless jewellery.

You need to ensure that the detailing of your dress matches with your chosen jewellery pieces. For example, if your dress has a champagne undertone, then go for a champagne tinted pearl of gemstone. Alternatively, rose gold would be really lovely with this colouring.

Deborah Blyth’s jewellery has a beautiful and flattering design that commemorates a traditional wedding style. With a refreshing mix of gold and silver pieces, there’s something for all brides-to-be. Lustrous pearls add that extra element of glamour that will make you POP in those wedding photos.

The classic wedding jewellery for you

The classic wedding jewellery for you

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