Cabin Crew Jewellery Dress Code

You’ve decided to take to the skies and become a fully fledged member of the exclusive flight attendant lifestyle. But what is the dress code? You may be on your way to your cabin crew assessment, or you may already be 38,000 feet above ground. Wherever in the world you are, it’s always nice to refresh your jewellery style. Take a look at some of the leading flight attendant influencers and see how they’re finding ways to experiment with their jewellery despite the stereotypical strict dress codes.

It’s important to invest in quality jewellery, especially when you’re cabin crew. You’ll be wearing your jewellery for a long time, and don’t want it to form a green line around your finger like most mass-produced high street jewellery products do. You want to invest in something long term for those long-haul journeys.


At times, you’ll be working 10 hour shifts, often overnight. You don’t want to be wearing any jewellery that will get in the way of your service. Stay away from larger, busier designs with heavy embellishments. These will restrict your ability to deliver effective customer care.

Stay away from pieces that inhibit you from delivering essential medical care or emergency procedures. One or two simple rings and a thin bangle are the most suitable items. Take a few styling tips from Elisa. She’s an influencer who captures the glamorous, and sometimes hectic, schedule of a flight attendant on her Instagram feed. Follow her from exotic location to exotic location, and discover new ways to style on and off the runway.

Yellow Gold Elegant Gemstone Solitaire Ring   Foundation Pin Bangle


Brigita is cabin crew for Emirates. She was originally born in Lithuania, and currently resides in Dubai. Those of you who head on over to her feed however, will see that her home base is forever changing. Brigita takes her followers along on the travelling journey of a lifetime. From hand gliding over Rio, to eating authentic sushi in Japan, there is a depth of culture and experience infused into her present fashion style.

Get ready for take off with a luxury pair of studs like Brigita’s pearl earrings in the image below. Everybody will be paying attention to your safety demonstration when you’re wearing these.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the emergency styling procedures. Always have a spare pair of studs in your carry on at all times… you never know when you could lose an earring backing!

Pearl Stud Earrings   Nicolette Studs


As I’m sure you’ll know, it’s always important to remain professional. For cabin crew, a well-kept appearance is pivotal to convey a sense of professionalism. Given that you are a representative for a big airline, it’s important to retain this clarity.

Dress code guidelines are often strict to promote consistency across the board. Therefore, your jewellery should be simple and minimal so that you adhere to these regulations. Usually you are permitted to wear an engagement ring, wedding ring, pearl earrings or a small, transparent rock. Flight attendants are allowed to wear a small watch too.

Take a few extra styling tips from the lovely Kiki, who is a travel, fashion and beauty blogger currently exploring the world in her role as Emirates cabin crew. Propel your jewellery style to sky high levels, and join the jet set lifestyle today.

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