Wedding photography can range from the serious to the surreal, and we love to discover new styles everyday. Long gone are the days of traditional posed images of just the bride and groom. Funny pictures are growing in popularity. Nowadays, couples are after more candid shots, with an element of humour thrown in. Take a look at the top 10 funniest wedding photos of all time, and take some inspiration for your own wedding snapshots.

1. Children that steal the show 

There's nothing cuter at a wedding than the sight of a toddler in a suit. Just take a look at this little precious ring boy, taking centre stage in the groomsmen's photos. The addition of wearing sunglasses indoors is a humorous and stylish touch. This photo is one to keep for the future, and can be shown at this little boy's wedding when he's all grown up. 

2. Funny faces and spaces

Don't take yourselves too seriously on your wedding day. The couple below saw an opportunity to take an iconic photo, and they took it. You too can create this shot. All you need is a window, wherever it may be, or a sheet of perspex to achieve this. Ultimately, your wedding photos should not be staged, they should be a natural and honest reflection of your relationship and dynamic as a couple. If you are both fun and playful, then this is definitely the shot for you. 

3. A play on proportions

Camera angles and size illusions are a glorious thing. If the bride stands closest to the camera lens, and the groomsmen all stand further back, you can achieve this funny wedding photo. It almost looks as if the groomsmen are about to be stood on, which makes for a very impactful picture! This is definitely one that will hit Instagram the morning after the ceremony. 

4. The on-trend maid of honour  picture

The past year has seen a rise in the number of wedding photographs being requested where the maid of honour goes under the bride's veil to pose for photos. This couple have put a humorous twist on the trend by looking perplexed and confused at the sight of her. This makes for a hilarious and jovial wedding album, and is the perfect shot for you and your BFF maid of honour to share for life. 

5. Animal encounters

This one is completely dependent on where you choose to get married or have your reception, but animal encounters definitely make for some funny wedding imagery. These dolphins were caught on their photogenic side during the ceremony below, but who's to say they didn't splash the Bride and Groom after? It's highly likely...

6. Switch up tradition

It's 2019, and time that we abandon traditions of the past and re-write the norms of a traditional wedding day. Below, the groom has decided to throw the bouquet of flowers to his groomsmen, instead of the conventional rule that the bride should be the one to do this. This makes for a refreshing and humorous image, especially when you look at the expressions on the groomsmen's faces. 

7. Place the dog front and centre

We all know who the real star of the show was on this wedding day. If your dog is a model like the one below, then consider holding a mini photo shoot just for him. Judging by the fact that the "humans" have been blurred out, it seems as though the dog's sign speaks for itself. Dog lovers unite, and incorporate your four-legged friends into your big day in the best way you know how. 

8. Photo-bombing cat

We've seen dolphins and dogs, but now it's the turn of our feline friends. A photo-bombing cat makes for an effective wedding shot. Cats are conventionally not bothered by the big occasions in your life, so getting them to star in the shot may be an issue. Consider tying a feather to the camera lens to capture their attention, and then you too can grab yourself a showstopping image like this.

9. Bring the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids together

It seems that pictures that involve the Bride and Groom's friends convey the most natural and fun scenes. Everyone in the below picture is beaming from ear to ear, and it is hard not to smile alongside them. Not only is the picture fun to look at, it would have been fun to pose for. It's a great idea to incorporate your photo shoot into your wedding day, not as a distraction, but as an activity to elevate the fun and increase the laughter. 

10. Incorporate your hobby

It's a great idea to incorporate your hobby into your wedding photo shoot.The below picture shows the bridal party pulling back the Groomsmen's shirts to reveal superhero outfits underneath. Obviously, they'll be off saving lives and defeating evil after the ceremony, so make sure you take the pictures when the suits are still on, and everyone looks their best.