The pulling of Christmas crackers is a tradition that has been going strong since the 1800s. We gather around the table over a steaming plate piled high with turkey, and cross our arms over in anticipation. Each year though, we ask ourselves the same question: what is so special about a piece of cardboard, a paper hat, and a plastic toy?

In all honesty, the prizes tend to get a little worse each year. I, for one, have collected enough mini plastic moustaches to start my own Christmas Cracker business. Why not jazz up the prizes in your crackers and surprise your family with some unexpected gifts at the table this year? You can be the one to change the game.

Here are some of the gifts that would go down a treat, if they were to magically appear from inside a cracker. We’ve paired each gift with a classic Christmas cracker joke. Try not to laugh too hard...

Who delivers presents to cats?

Santa Paws!

Cat jewellery is the perfect gift for your feline loving friends. These two pendants from Saba Jewellery by Geraldine Murphy are playful and exude an aura of joviality. They are the perfect choice for a time of year like Christmas. 

These are expertly handmade from sheet sterling silver, and the cats have eyes that are made from 9kt rose gold rivets that have been hammered in. Saba jewellery make every piece with the intention that it becomes an heirloom. They have special meaning, and will be treasured by the recipient as they grow old. 

Sterling Silver Little Catfish Gold Pendant  Sterling Silver Little Catfish Pendant

Saba Jewellery by Geraldine Murphy | Sterling Silver Little Catfish Gold Pendant,  Sterling Silver Little Catfish Pendant | £278.00 and £153.00

What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?

A Christmas Quacker!

Bird inspired jewellery pieces are an iconic Christmas accessory. Turkey is often the star of the show during the festive season, but our little love birds are feeling left out. Why not gift these to someone whose companionship you hold dear?

Gallardo and Blaine's jewellery is the archetypal Christmas gift. On the left, you'll see two love birds perched on a gold plated tree branch, sitting next to a deep labradorite stone. On the right, you will see the mirror image of this design, but with the focal point being a deep ruby gemstone. Imagine the look on her face when she finds these in her cracker! 

Love Bird Earrings In Labradorite     Love Bird Earrings In Rough Ruby

Gallardo and Blaine Designs | Love Bird Earrings in Labradorite, Love Bird Earrings in Rough Ruby | £104.00 and £104.00

What do Santa’s little helpers learn at school?

The Elf-abet!

Personalised initial jewellery is at the top of everyone's wish list. This is a gift that truly shows that you care. Choosing jewellery that is personalised often requires more thought. Will they appreciate the time you've taken? Will they like the design?

There is no need to doubt your decision with these Alphabet (or should I say... Elf-abet) Rings. Finding these in your Christmas cracker would be unexpected to say the least! 

This is a fun, sweet and contemporary collection that is wearable on an everyday basis. Having been expertly handcrafted, all pieces are wrapped in a satin matte finish. They have been scored, bent, soldered and brushed in Bali. Is this what dreams are made of?

Alphabet - N Ring  Alphabet - E Ring   Alphabet - R Ring

ZLABA | Alphabet - N Ring, Alphabet - E Ring, Alphabet - R Ring | £47.00

Who is Santa Claus married to?

Mary Christmas!

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you! When we think Christmas, we think red. Our top picks for red jewellery to find in your Christmas cracker would be from the Mishanto London collection. 

This set is subtle and sophisticated. The main focus of the pieces is the gorgeous cabochon garnet gemstones. 

Mishanto London's lead designer Tony Abram uses his extensive knowledge of gemstones, including their durability, colour intensity, and faceting, to create unique and distinctive pieces. 

Loris Garnet Pendant  Loris Garnet Claw Set Earrings   Cari Garnet Silver Bracelet

Mishanto London | Loris Garnet Pendant, Loris Garnet Claw Set Earrings, Cari Garnet Silver Bracelet | £129.00, £145.00 and £85.00

What do you get if you cross a Christmas tree with an apple?

A pineapple!

Why not invest in a piece of jewellery that will carry you through into the summer months? These two Pineapple necklaces by Taylor Black are textured and unique. The designs themselves were inspired by Asia, and British Colonial aesthetics. Delicate and quirky, this necklace is a must-have for foodies.

If the Christmas meal didn't quite fill you up (however unlikely), there is always room for more. Delve into these sweet and juicy pieces, that will be sure to stand out round the Christmas table. 

Silver Pineapple Necklace  Gold Pineapple Necklace

Taylor Black | Silver Pineapple Necklace, Gold Pineapple Necklace | £126.00 and £150.00

What happened to the man who stole an Advent Calendar?

He got 25 days!

Keep an eye out for JewelStreet's 24 Days of Christmas Advent. We're already on day 19, but we still have lots more surprises and treats in store for you. Check in on the JewelStreet site each day to claim your prize. Learn more about the Advent Calendar HERE.