Layered Jewellery Trend

The layered look is one of this season’s most popular trends. From Gucci to Chanel, Lanvin to Ralph Lauren. Fashion houses have been championing this statement look since the layered bangle hype of the 70s. Whether it’s cashmere sweaters or gold necklaces. Dare to layer and exude confidence this winter.

Layering is a basic fashion trend that will forever channel elegance. In jewellery, layered necklaces take the spotlight of such trend. But don’t stop yourself there! Look chic and edgy with layered earrings. Elevate your original style with multiple bracelets. For me, stacking rings is the go-to layered look to feel authentic and unique. Dated jewellery rules are out! Mix and match your silver and golds for a layered look that screams high fashion. Find delicate rings for a dainty look. Go bold and chunky and command attention. Whatever your style, find the perfect set of stacking rings to make you feel great.


Sterling Silver Divers Stack rings

Suciyan | Sterling Silver Divers Stack rings | £623.00

Who doesn’t want to look striking and bold with incredible jewellery? Chunky stacked rings create an edgy aesthetic. Use statement stacked rings to elevate any and every outfit. You would look confident and effortless wearing Suciyan’s Divers Stack Rings with a white tee and jeans. Keep these silver beauties poised on your finger from day to night as you slip into your date night outfit. The interlocking design of Suciyan’s rings forms an artistic piece of jewellery that will inspire conversation. Key jewellery pieces like these never go out of style. So invest in your jewellery with unusual pieces that will make you feel unique and sexy. 


Exclusive Diamond Grain Set Stack Rings

London Road Jewellery | Exclusive Diamond Grain Set Stack Rings | £1,609.99

When has one diamond ever been enough? Spread your sparkles over each finger with versatile stacking rings that can change according to your mood. The Diamond Grain Stack Rings are a simple yet chic set to channel luxury and fashion finesse. Carved delicately from 18kt yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, these rings can be styled separately for minimalist elegance or together for a spectacle of shine. The delicate and feminine aesthetic will make you feel glamorous. Alternatively, you could pair these diamond delights with your chunkiest rings for a contrasting look that exudes punk panache.


Hope Stacking Rings Trio

Faye Marie Jewellery | Hope Stacking Rings Trio | £425.00

Throw your own shapes with geometric stacking rings. Team up with other shapes for an eclectic look that infuses your outfit with fun. Or stack together as pictured and watch the topaz and pink gemstones dance as one. Geometric jewellery has gained status this season thanks to Armani Privé’s dazzling display of geometric earrings at Paris Haute Couture SS19 (see here). The Hope Stacking Rings are the perfect set for someone who likes to keep their style modern and cool. Head over heels for hexagons? Ravenous for rectangles? Shape your life with geometric jewellery that highlights your contemporary style.


Sterling Silver Stacking Rings

Gabrielle Friedman | Sterling Silver Stacking Rings | £401.00

As we know, stacking rings don’t have to always be delicate and dainty. Some of us like to cross boundaries and evoke a more masculine aesthetic with our jewellery. Gabrielle Friedman’s Sterling Silver Stacking Rings feature a wooden-effect surface inspired by the designer’s love of nature. Nestled within the textured bands lie an array of coloured gemstones. The palette of earthy tones enhance the natural look of the rings. Wear together, separately, dispersed through your fingers. With these rings, you can carve your own original style.



Portobello Raindrop White Gold Diamond Stacking Rings

London Road Jewellery | Portobello Raindrop White Gold Diamond Stacking Rings | £525.00

Feel graceful and glamorous with dainty stacking rings. The endless charm of an understated ring is embodied through the Portobello Raindrop Stacking Rings. London Road Jewellery aims to create highly-wearable jewellery that fuses the contemporary and the traditional. These dainty rings formed from vibrant 9kt white gold will effortlessly infuse your style with a considered attention to detail. Pair with a floral dress for a look that will brighten up these dark winter days. Alternatively, pair with your other silver jewellery and a white t-shirt for an ultra-modern look that looks cool and chic.



Rock Trove Ring

Cardinal Of London | Rock Trove Ring | £175.00

Cardinal Of London is an eclectic and deeply interesting jewellery brand. They derive inspiration from mythical creatures, urban motifs, and futuristic visions. Sculptural and ultra-modern, their jewellery is thought-provoking and diverse. This trio of rings, finished in sterling silver, oxidised sterling silver, and gold plated silver, radiates contemporary edginess. The understated colour palette is thoughtful and chic. Combined with the electrifying forms of the rings, feel daring with rings that are synonymous with elegance. Stack them together or co-ordinate with various ensembles. These rings are a jewellery box staple which will imbue your style with a fresh edge.

Fake It

Sterling Silver Four Line Geometric Fashion Ring

Latelita London | Sterling Silver Four Line Geometric Fashion Ring | £49.00

New to the stacking trend? Let the Latelita London initiate you. The Sterling Silver Four Line Fashion Ring is the perfect pick for you to debut the stacking trend. The linear design makes this ring flattering for every wearer. Wear it as you would a normal ring, or opt for a smaller size to wear as a midi ring. The designer encourages you to make this ring your own! The simple design allows this ring to shine for everyday use. But for the full effects of the glittering crystal gemstones, wear on an evening out for a glamorous look that will gleam throughout the night.

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Dare to layer this winter and stay on-trend. Discover our range of stacking rings. Or mix and match and stack your own! I know you can carve your authentic style here at JewelStreet.