The dictionary definition of “Aphrodisiac” is a substance or object that stimulates sexual desire. Stay tuned as we take you through the best jewellery aphrodisiacs that are guaranteed to get you in the mood this Valentine’s Day. Think of a sensuous, pleasurable and uplifting aesthetic. Then times that by 10...

JewelStreet is home to a large collection of luxury, and affordable and handmade jewellery. Artisans from across the globe work tirelessly to produce luxurious pieces of jewellery that exude love and passion. Jewellery is the cherry on the cake, and your Valentine’s style will look incomplete without it. 

Jewellery is the new love drug, and you can feel its intoxicating effects straight away. From the moment the smooth metal glides against your skin, to the subtle weight of it adorning your body, these jewellery pieces are definitely needed for a romantic and desirous Valentine's Day.

1. Cocktail rings for your Valentine's Day cocktail date

This Rose Quartz Cocktail ring is the perfect ring to wear on your Valentine's date. Whether you're having an indulgent evening meal at a boujee restaurant, or going for a romantic walk in the park after work, this ring will see you through any occaision. 

Delicate, flattering and whimsical are words synonymous with this ring. It is straight out of a fairy-tale, and you are totally the heroine of this story. Show your loved one your fun and flirtatious side, and embrace the pink tones that Cupid sprinkled upon you.

 Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring

Lily Blanche | Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring | £110.00

2. Wisdom bracelets for a deep connection 

The Eternity of Wisdom Yellow Gold Bracelet is the perfect Valentine's Day piece for the man or woman who yearns to connect with their lover on a deeper level. Get in touch with your emotions, and channel a different kind of wisdom this year.

The third bracelet worn by the model below is set with a royal blue lapis lazuli stone. This specific stone represents the awakening of the high mind, and it inspires a thirst for expanding knowledge and investing time to understand things around you. Understanding and trust are central to every solid relationship. Why not wear this bracelet on your date to foreshadow the beautiful future that you and your partner will share? 

The Eternity of Wisdom Yellow Gold Bracelet

Silatha | The Eternity of Wisdom Yellow Gold Bracelet | £101.00

3. A ring that makes your heart beat a little faster

Krausz Jewellery is a successful jewellery brand that is renowned for creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces for brides. Let Krausz see you through every stage of your relationship, from the first date, to the altar. Wear this enchanting and majestic ring on your date to commemorate your relationship the right way.

This is both a visually pleasurable and seductive piece. The rich red coloured gemstone has been expertly shaped to resemble a heart. It has been securely mounted on to a 9kt yellow gold band. Understated and feminine, this is a great ring to wear if you like a subtle look with a delicate pop of colour. 

Heart Tourmaline 9kt Gold Ring

Krausz Jewellery | Heart Tourmaline 9kt Gold Ring | £395.00

4. An ethical ring to show your values

If you are going on a first date, it's a good idea to try and get your authentic character to translate as well as possible. People want to know the real you. That includes your values, thoughts and opinions on everyday topics. Currently, the world has shifted into thinking ethically and sustainably. Show your support of this movement by shopping ethically too. 

This gorgeous Fairtrade Cherish Ruby Red Ring is part of Shakti Ellenwood's 'Be My Sweetie' collection. All materials have been sourced responsibly and are fully traceable. 

18kt Fairtrade Cherish Ruby Ring

Shakti Ellenwood | 18kt Fairtrade Cherish Ruby Ring | £680.00

5. Diamond love bracelets to drop a not-so-subtle hint

Do you get butterflies fluttering in your stomach whenever you're around that special someone? Have you said those precious three words to each other yet? As always, there is no pressure to say "I Love You" to your partner, but you can drop a few hints whenever you start feeling it. 

This beautiful diamond bracelet effortlessly rests on your wrist, and delicately catches the light when you move. It is set with brilliant cut diamonds, and spells out the word "LOVE". I don't know about you, but I've not seen another piece of jewellery more fitting for Valentine's Day than this one. 

Diamond Love Bracelet

ROX - Diamonds and Thrills | Diamond Love Bracelet | £325.00