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Today, our most-loved fashion icons are available to us 24/7. We can access blogger style on Instagram. We can see what our favourite celebrities are wearing on Twitter. We can open magazines to see what the models are wearing. And we need only turn on the TV to see what our favourite TV characters are showcasing. You’d think all this fashion inspiration is enough for us… but no. We are obsessed with celebrity style! Especially that of the royal family.

The royals have always been a topic of intrigue and admiration. A strong pillar in British history which resonates just as strongly today, British society (and beyond) loves to stay in touch with the royal family - especially their fashion choices. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are in media headlines week after week. Just hours after they step into the public eye, we know what they’re wearing, who designed it, and how (and if) we can get our hands on it!

Even so, one aspect of their style we will never be able to replicate it their jewellery. The royals’ jewellery has a long history, and is often passed down through generations. Whilst Meghan, Kate, and the late Princess Diana have been celebrated for their elegant style, today we’re celebrating one of the original fashion icons in the royal family: Queen Elizabeth I. The tudor Queen was renowned for her tenacity, power and strength, but critics have been fascinated with her extravagant wardrobe and jewellery.

Renaissance-inspired jewellery is one of this season’s hottest trends. Discover the jewellery of the virgin Queen and feel like royalty this season.

There's no such thing as too many baroque pearls

Queen Elizabeth I Baroque Pearls  14kt Gold Irregular Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings

JEAN JOAILLERIE |14kt Gold Irregular Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings | £335.00

Elizabeth I’s love of jewellery was widely known. She regularly received gifts of jewellery from her suitors and admirers. In 1587, an inventory showed that she possessed 628 pieces of jewellery. As paintings and records show, baroque pearl jewellery were among the most popular designs of jewellery the Queen showcased. From strings of plush pearls to delicate pearl earrings, any piece of pearl jewellery would suit Queen Elizabeth’s tastes. One of her most-loved jewellery items is a pearl necklace gifted to her by Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester. Pearls are one of the favourite gemstones of the royal family. JEAN JOAILLEIRE'S irregular baroque pearl earrings are the perfect modern twist on the ancient classic. Featuring two unique baroque pearls and gold fastenings, this is the ultimate pair of earrings to radiate regal style.

Jewellery is a hair accessory too

Queen Elizabeth I Hair Jewellery Small Brass Plated Silver Aerie Crown Tiara

AKA Jewellery | Small Brass Plated Silver Aerie Crown Tiara | £468.00

It was the trend of the time that royalty would wear jewels in their hair. Look at the renowned portrait of Elisabeth the Empress of Austria whose hair is adorned with celestial jewels. Queen Elizabeth’s public appearances were defined by her lavish and luxurious wardrobe. Seeing as clothing was an important signifier of class, the Queen had to look wealthier than anyone else. It was imperative that she was adorned head-to-toe in precious jewels. For a subtler take on royal hair jewellery, AKA Jewellery's headpiece is the perfect piece. This simple, modern headpiece is certainly something Queen Elizabeth would wear. Radiate all the elegance and poise of a Renaissance queen with this dazzling piece.

Chokers are timeless

Queen Elizabeth I Choker Waterfall Choker Necklace

Lucy Quartermaine | Waterfall Choker Necklace | £290.00

Chokers often get the reputation of being a young persons’ jewellery item. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Chokers are timeless jewellery pieces that have been around for centuries! Queen Elizabeth I wore choker necklaces throughout her reign. They radiate power and elegance. There is a choker necklace for every woman. From bold silk chokers to delicate gemstone chokers, chokers come in all shapes and sizes. Does your style learn towards sophisticated and classic rather than modern and eccentric? Lucy Quartermaine's Waterfall Choker Necklace is the top pick for you. Exude your own power with jewellery that enhances your inner confidence.

 Rubies. Rubies. Rubies.

Queen Elizabeth I Rubies 18kt Rose Gold Sunshine Ring

DreamChoice Jewelry | 18kt Rose Gold Sunshine Ring | £4,685.00

Rubies are some of the rarest and most precious gemstones known to man. Kings and Queens have embellished their looks with these radiant red gemstones for centuries. Their rich colour and mesmerising allure epitomises the divine aura of nobility, meaning that these red gemstones have become almost synonymous with opulence and luxury. Queen Elizabeth I possessed a ruby ring which she adored. It was even on her finger the day she died. Rubies never go out of style - they simply beg for attention and command admiration. DreamChoice Jewelry’s ruby ring is adorned with rubies and diamonds, making it the ultimate royal pick. The unusual design and flawless finish makes this piece an item of superior quality and status. Queen Elizabeth certainly wouldn’t be able to resist this gemstone delight.

Bear your heart

Queen Elizabeth I HEart Jewellery Black Diamond Heart Necklace

Marcello Riccio | Black Diamond Heart Necklace | £850.00

Famously known as the Virgin Queen, there are many tales of Queen Elizabeth’s failings in love. She is a Queen praised for her female leadership amongst a court of men. Whilst she did not necessarily bear her heart out to the public, she wore it around her neck in the form of a gorgeous heart-shaped pendant. Marcello Riccio’s Black Diamond Heart Necklace emanates luxury. The 1-carat excellent cut heart-shaped diamond is simply stunning. Imagine this impeccable necklace resting gently against your chest, glittering in the light. This really is a necklace fit for a Queen. Give Queen Elizabeth a run for her money with a necklace that is tantalisingly beautiful.

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