When we think about rings, one of our first and automatic thoughts is of an engagement ring. But we’re forgetting an even more important ring - the wedding ring. Both people in the couple gets a wedding ring. They are exchanged at the wedding ceremony and are traditionally matching bands made from the same material and featuring the same gems.

We always think of the bride on her wedding day but let’s not forget about the groom! Men’s rings are usually looked over or virtually ignored. There are many choices for male wedding rings on JewelStreet, whether you prefer a classic style or something more quirky and unusual.

Before you start shopping, here are some basic tips on how to decide the important details of your wedding ring.

1. Ring Size

First, measure the ring finger to make sure the ring will fit. It’s best to measure your finger at a comfortable temperature. If the finger is too hot or clammy, it will swell up and the ring will be too loose. If the finger is too cold, it will get slimmer and will make the ring too big. Accuracy is key here, it needs to fit exactly right. If you find that you’re in between two sizes, go for the bigger size. You want your wedding ring to be comfortable after all!

If you’re struggling, download our Free Ring Sizer.

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2. Ring Profile

Next, pick your ring profile, a.k.a what shape you want your ring to be. There are lots of profiles to choose from. The Classic Court is the traditional wedding ring shape, where the rounded inside matches the rounded outside of the ring. The D Shape is a slimmer style with a flat interior. Similar to the classic, it’s a more practical ring for the man who has active hobbies, as it is less likely to catch on things. The Flat profile is the more comfortable ring with its flat exterior and interior, but it isn’t as practical as the classic or D shape as it is more likely to catch. The Concave profile has a curved exterior and classic round interior, making the ring comfortable and elegant.

While you decide your profile, make sure to decide the width of the ring. Whether you want it thin or thick, find what suits you!

3. Ring Metal

Other than the style, choosing the metal is the most exciting part of designing a wedding ring. Picking a metal is important as it's not just about picking a colour but its durability and maintenance. Gold is a popular choice as it is traditional and naturally soft against the skin. Gold comes in different colours, so pick from yellow, white or rose gold. Silver is a cheaper option, a classic material and malleable. Platinum is a rare material and is one of the whitest shades of metal. It’s extremely durable but due to its rarity, it is the more expensive choice. Palladium is a unique dark grey metal from the platinum family. It is a cheaper alternative to platinum and doesn’t corrode easily.

Now we’ve got the ‘boring’ details out the way, let’s get onto styles....

Keep it Classic

Classic wedding rings are for those who like it plain and simple, no fuss and no stress. A classic ring tends to focus on just the colour or type of metal. If you prefer jewellery that is plain and traditional, choose something elegant from Star Wedding Rings. They have an extensive range of wedding bands in beautiful classic colours with an affordable price range.


Jazz it up with Colours and Gems

Looking for something more colourful and dazzling? The bride got a beautiful gemstone in her engagement ring so get a gem of your own! Pick a colourful metal, either yellow or rose gold and decorate your ring with gorgeous gemstones. Pick from diamonds, rubies or sapphires to add a pop of colour and sparkle to your ring. Allurez have a stunning range of wedding rings, featuring thick bands dotted with eye-catching gemstones.

LJD Designs | Waterfall Wedding Band (Left)| £1,655.00
Will Bishop White Gold, Garnet & Diamond Ring (Middle)| £1,150.00

Make it interesting with Texture

Do you prefer the classic style but feel it needs jazzing up? But you don’t want to go as far as adding extra colour and sparkly gems? Pick a ring with texture. Again, there are so many options here. Wood in wedding rings is becoming more popular, mixed with cool silver metals. Joseph Lamsin Jewellery is the best designer when it comes to adding texture to his rings. Inspired by the Cornish coastline, Joseph adds organic texture and shape, using beach sand to give a rough and fluid look.

Janine de Dorigny | Rose Wood Ring (Left)| £1,293.00
Joseph Lamsin Jewellery Cornish Beach Sand Textured 9kt Yellow Gold Wedding Ring (Middle)| £595.00
Mark Lloyd Jewellery | Vulcan Wedding Ring III (Right)| £1,600.00

I hope this guide helps you find the perfect ring for your wedding day!