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In Hollywood, heists and robberies are always sexy. You’ve seen Ocean’s Eleven. The cast of Matt Damon, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt is enough to turn criminal acts into desirable ventures. Adrenaline, action, and danger will always inspire excitement, which is why heists cause so much exhilaration in the media. Jewellery heists, for me, are particularly riveting. Perhaps I’m romanticising here, but the dark and seductive allure surrounding diamonds is enough to impel delinquent acts. (In reality, diamonds are valuable, so people steal them!)

Read about the most exciting and bizarre jewellery heists of all time. I obviously don’t advocate criminal behavior, but I’ll teach you how to steal the luxury style... the legal way!

The Great Robbery In Hatton Garden - 2015

 Hatton Garden Jewellery HeistRose Gold & Diamond Hoxton Stud Earring

Jezebel London | Rose Gold & Diamond Hoxton Stud Earring | £230.00

You’ll have definitely heard of the Hatton Garden jewellery heist. It’s so renowned, a film was even made from it! The heist was conducted and carried out by four elderly men, all who harboured criminal expertise from years of thievery. The men broke into an underground elevator shaft, then drilled through half a metre of concrete to gain entry into Hatton Garden’s Safe Deposit. An estimated total of £200 million worth of jewellery was taken from the vaults. To this day, almost none of their haul has been recovered. 

The Hatton Garden heist is said to be one of the largest robberies in English history. So if you’re going to steal from England, steal some classic British style with Jezebel London’s Rose Gold & Diamond Hoxton Stud Earrings. The designers of Jezebel London aim to channel London’s creative spirit and edgy pulse. Get the luxurious diamond look (without the prison sentence) with these glamorous earrings.

Antwerp Diamond Heist - 2003

Antwerp Diamond Heist 2003 Quadratic Yellow Ring

SEVEN50 | Quadratic Yellow Ring | £111.00

The Antwerp diamond heist was considered the ‘robbery of the century’ back in 2003, with almost $100 million worth of diamonds being seized. What is most impressive about this heist, is the vaults beneath Antwerp’s Diamond centre - the site of the robbery - were secured with ten layers of security. The security systems included infrared heat detectors, a magnetic field, a seismic sensor, and a lock with over 100 million possible combinations. Even today police are not sure how such an elaborate robbery was completed. Leonardo Notarbartolo was sentenced for a decade for the crime, although he never has admitted involvement, leaving an air of mystery attached to the case.

Loose diamonds and gold were the main components of the haul. Get inspired from the myth with SEVEN50’s Quadratic Yellow Ring. Finished with a square shaped black diamond, keep this ring close to you before the envious glances flash your way.

The Pink Panther Heist in Japan - 2010

The Pink Panther Heist in Japan Small Brass Plated Silver Aerie Crown Tiara

AKA Jewellery | Small Brass Plated Silver Aerie Crown Tiara | £572.00

The Pink Panthers are a notorious network of jewellery thieves who operate globally. Their audacious jewellery heists are described as art - their elaborate and intricate techniques are in fact, very impressive. The 2013 film, Smash & Grab, is based on their intriguing criminal activities. Collectively, the gang are responsible for over $500 million worth of diamonds and other precious jewels. It is speculated that members use prosthetic makeup to conceal their identities, a sly technique which contributes to their elusive reputation.

In 2010, the gang managed to steal a tiara and necklace from a high-end jewellery store in Tokyo. The gang operate from bikes to dodge the manic Tokyo traffic, allowing them to carry our ‘smash and grab’ heists such as these. Grab your own style with AKA Jewellery’s Small Brass Plated Silver Aerie Crown Tiara. This modern twist on the classic regal tiara will allow you to steal the looks of envious onlookers, whilst looking and feeling fabulous.

 Millennium Dome Raid - 2000

18kt White Gold Millennium Diamond & Sapphire Pendant 18kt White Gold Millennium Diamond & Sapphire Pendant

A South London gang targeted a De Beers diamond show at the Millennium Dome in 2000. Had the heist been successful, an estimated total of £350 million worth of diamonds would have been stolen. The Millennium Star - the world’s most perfect diamond - was among the jewels on display at the diamond show. The gang had arranged to escape on a speedboat on the Thames river. Imagine the Hollywood moment they’d have created, speeding into the sunset on a motorboat!

Inspired by this (thankfully) unsuccessful heist, pay homage to De Beers with the 18kt White Gold Millennium Diamond Sapphire Pendant. The cool blue sapphire with radiate opulence, forming an item to be treasured for life.

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