Want to know if you're going to get that expensive engagement ring you have always dreamed of? Or where and when that all important question is going be? 

Or do you simply want to know just how generous your man CAN be?

Before you start hinting to your partner that you are in fact ready to settle down and tie the knot, let us tell you a few facts about what you can expect from your man. 

Proposals aren't as simple as they once were, gone are the days were the groom-to-be would hide an engagement ring in your food, now the simple thought of proposing can be stressful enough.

Everyone strives to have 'the dream' proposal, one that can be told over and over again and still make people swoon. 

Take a look at our handy Infographic, some of the facts might just surprise you!


He might be a little off with you or more irritable than normal, but give him some time and he might just surprise you!

Keep this in mind, as your groom-to-be might be under extreme pressure to make sure everything is perfect, ultimately make you say YES!  

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