The Spice Girls are back and their long awaited reunion tour (minus Posh Spice) kicks off next Monday. The Spice Girls, comprised of Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel Brown, Victoria Beckham and Melanie Chisholm, started in 1994 and they took over the 90s with their music and fashion. They are one of the most iconic girl bands ever formed and they changed the face of pop music, with their catchy songs and Girl Power ethos.

The Spice Girls sang about friendship and made it clear to their fans that it’s okay to embrace who you are and to be different. They sang about women supporting women and through their fashion choices (which is the epitome of the 90s), they showed how important it is to feel confident in your skin. Everyone has dressed up as the Spice Girls at one point or another, myself included. I’m sure there will be thousands of fans attending the reunion dressed as their favourite Spice Girl. Discover the most iconic looks from the Spice Girls and how their style has evolved!

The Spice Girls’ signature look

The Spice Girls have tried every fashion trend possible, from latex catsuits, to crushed velvet dresses, to logo-embroidered two pieces. There is one look that is referenced time and time again, which is the Spice Girls’ signature look. Ginger Spice never backed away from outfits too over the top, and her Union Jack mini dress has become her signature look. Next, is Scary Spice’s leopard print ensembles. Whether she was rocking a bra and matching trousers or a catsuit, she was never seen without her leopard print, which has fast become one of the most popular patterns today. Posh Spice set the trend for the LBD a.k.a Little Black Dress. Keeping her look sophisticated but still young and fun, Posh always looked put together even before she entered the fashion world. The epitome of the girly girl look, Baby Spice always looked cute and fun while wearing hot pink mini dresses and perfectly completed her look with bunchies. Sporty Spice was rocking athleisure before it was cool, with her matching tracksuits and bold trainers.

1998 Spice World premiere

While the Spice Girls rarely matched, when they did it was a fashion moment. At the 1998 Spice World premiere in Los Angeles, the group all wore matching white pantsuits. While they were wearing the same outfits, each girl managed to make it their own. The low cut blazers allowed their tops to peek out from underneath, with a blue and white checkered top for Baby and a leopard print top for Scary. Sporty paired her suit with trainers while the others wore heels and platforms. The girls all wore simple pendant necklaces and Posh’s oversized cross necklace made an appearance.

2008 World Tour

The Spice Girls reunited in 2008 and put on a world tour for their adoring fans. The girls wore all gold metallic outfits, designed by Roberto Cavalli. The designer gave their outfits and signature style a modern update while still staying true to their Spice Girls personas. Ginger Spice loved mini dresses and looked glamorous in a short gold dress and Scary experimented with giraffe print.

2012 Olympics opening ceremony

The UK’s Olympics opening ceremony pulled out all the stops, with the Queen parachuting into the arena (it wasn’t fake was it?!) and the Spice Girls reuniting again for a special performance. Their outfits clearly showed how they had grown up and how their style had evolved, but they still stayed true to their Spice Girls personas. Posh Spice wore a glamorous black gown, Ginger upgraded her classic Union Flag dress to a more sophisticated subtle design and Baby stayed true to her 90s style with a hot pink dress. Sporty also upgraded her all in one tracksuit look to a white jumpsuit and Scary put a twist on her leopard print with a gold detailed jumpsuit.

Baby’s BABY necklace

Baby Spice rarely strayed from her pink mini dress with spaghetti straps. At the AOL headquarters in New York in 1997, Baby sported a bedazzled personalised necklace, reading ‘BABY’ in sparkles. Name necklaces have been popular for years and Baby Spice rocked the trend with style and flair.

Scary’s red & green snake print

At a public appearance in 1997 South Africa, Scary Spice experimented with prints again, this time showing off snake prints. She kept it vibrant and powerful by clashing colours, with a red snake print overcoat and green snake print leather trousers. Never one to shy away from bold fashion choices!

Ginger’s show girl outfits

Ginger Spice liked to be bold. Whether it was matching her red hair to her outfits or wearing daring plunging necklines, Ginger always sold whatever outfit she was wearing, even if it was a little risque. While her Union Jack dress will always be iconic, her US flag showgirl dress with an oversized fur coat certainly made an impression. When meeting Prince Charles, Ginger rocked a short blue and white ice-skater-meets-princess dress, while sporting a sparkly tiara. Ginger Spice exudes confidence no matter what she’s wearing.

Sporty’s athleisure

Sporty Spice was rocking athleisure before the gym craze hit the world. Rocking all in one tracksuits and bold colours like red and purple, Sporty made exercise clothes look fashionable and cool. While Sporty looks fabulous all dressed up, no one makes an Adidas tracksuit or a sports bra look better than Sporty Spice.

Posh’s white bikini

The Spice Girls’ performance at the 1997 Brit Awards became an iconic moment in pop history. While Ginger stole the show in her Union Jack dress, Posh Spice gave her a run for her money, wearing a white bikini top and a matching mini skirt. While she experimented with this look a few times before finding her iconic LBD, the original white bikini was fun, iconic and could only be pulled off by the fashion elite herself.