In my opinion, the most stylish grooms always wear jewellery. Are you getting married soon and lacking inspiration of how to accessorize your wedding attire? Look no further, because we’ve put a list together just for you so you can walk down the aisle with confidence and poise. Discover the most stylish grooms of all time and learn how to look sharp on your wedding day. With these A-list examples, the paparazzi will be begging you for your superstar style tips.


Elvis Presley, 1967

Elvis Presley wedding 1967

The controversial romance between Elvis and Priscilla was solidified eight years after they first met. In a highly public parade of love and fame, the couple married at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. Whilst the exposure of this golden piece of celebrity news was high, the ceremony allegedly lasted only eight minutes and was fuelled by disapproval and conflict with friends and family. This classic Hollywood love affair was made all the more epic through Elvis’ chic and stylish groom attire. Wearing a paisley baroque tuxedo and showing flashes of his glittering watch, the star is the epitome of glamour. For a wedding look as bold and striking as Elvis’, diamonds must be incorporated into the repertoire.

John Lennon, 1969

John Lennon Yoko Ono Wedding

Everyone knows the wedding story of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, it was a top hit by The Beatles, of course. After being denied a marriage ceremony in Southampton and Paris, the couple flew to Gibraltar to tie the knot. This classic rock and roll parade of spontaneity was performed wearing simple and chic white garments (and a whole lot of attitude of course). Keep it simple and understated for a wedding look that’s iconic and elegant - that’s right, you don’t have to be a rockstar to look next-level on your wedding day (it probably helps though!)

Mick Jagger, 1971

Mick and Bianca Jagger Wedding

Also opting for some tropical scenery, Mick Jagger chose the affluent town of St Tropez on the French Riviera for his wedding destination. He and Bianca Jagger wed in 1971 among a series of chaotic events. Not only did a last minute lover’s spat threatens to set the 71 guests they had flown out to France into a frenzy of disappointment. They were unable to wed in a Church due to legal reasons and therefore had to fight through hoards of paparazzi to get to the town hall. Branded a shambles and free-for-all, one thing that we can take from accounts of this wild occasion is that it was by no means lacking killer style. From Jagger’s 70s XL collar to his quirky sheriff pin, channel your rock and roll side through your wedding outfit for a look that won’t be easily forgotten.

David Bowie, 1992

David Bowie Iman Wedding

As we’ve seen so far, love doesn’t always work out the right way for rockstars. For Bowie and Iman however, it’s a whole different story. The two married two years after they met on a blind date. Gone were the rhinestones and make-up for this A-list wedding, Bowie kept it classy and classic with a sleek tuxedo and single stud. Iman, a vision in white, also kept her look traditional using lilies to compliment her husband’s attire. Even for the most colourful characters, a classic wedding look is all you need to channel your love. You may want to be a starman everyday, but on your wedding day, strip it back and let affection take the spotlight.

Prince William, 2011


We couldn’t have a best dressed grooms list and not include Prince William. On the 29th April 2011, the world’s prince charming fantasies were made a reality when Prince William stepped into the world wearing a regal red uniform and royal blue sash. The couple were the ultimate image of elegance, not faltering once when saying their vows in front of the entire world. Take a leaf out of this Prince’s book and channel some much-needed pomp and ceremony for your wedding. After all, everyone loves a royal wedding.

Miguel, 2018

 Miguel Wedding

Miguel’s wedding look was one of the trendiest we’ve ever seen. The R&B singer tied the knot in 2018 with his longtime partner, Nazanin Mandi. For men, your wedding accessorisation need not be limited to a wedding band. Wearing a statement watch on each wrist, a body harness and a sparkling signet ring, Miguel proved that men can be just as daring as women with their accessories. Black diamonds were the focal point of his look, opting for unconventional designs over a traditional aesthetic. Be slick and sharp like Miguel on your wedding day with striking jewellery that channels confidence. 

Nick Jonas, 2018

Nick Jonas Priyanka Chopra Wedding

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding resembled nothing short of a fairytale. From the traditional Indian garments to the breathtaking venue design, there’s much inspiration that can be gained from this next-level A-list occasion. Nick’s gold sherwani perfectly compliments his bride’s red lehenga gown. With a huge array of gorgeous gemstone jewellery, the couple radiate sophistication with confidence and style.

 Images from Pinterest