I don’t know about you, but necklaces are my thing. One of my best body features are my collar bones and decolletage, and I love to show this area off. The main issue that many people encounter when styling and accessorising this area, is that different necklines require different necklaces. Take a look at the top you're wearing now. How do you accessorise it and why?

The fashion world is in a constant state of flux, and there is a seemingly new design of clothing coming out minute by minute. But there will always be 6 main necklines. Once you know how to navigate through styling each of them, then you'll find that choosing your outfit of the day becomes much much easier. 

You may be asking a number of questions. What necklace should you wear with a v-neck as opposed to a high neck? Will a dainty pendant be as effective with an off-the-shoulder style? Should you be wearing a singular necklace or layering many? Read on to find out the answers and to get the top styling tips of 2019…

Off The Shoulder

This neckline offers opportunities for many fun and feminine jewellery styles. The off-the-shoulder top is versatile and is a staple in every girl's wardrobe. You can use the fabric of your top to influence your jewellery. Especially with these piece below which offer opportunities for texture and mixed material jewellery.

Similar to a strapless neckline, the off-the-shoulder calls for a bold and statemented necklace. I'm talking chokers and shorter pendants to accentuate the area, and add some dimension to an otherwise very bare upper chest. 

 Sterling Silver & Leather Square Choker  Silk And Pearl Halo Black Choker   Silk And Pearl Halo Black Choker

XISSJEWELLERY | Silk And Pearl Halo Black Choker | £90.00

Asymmetric Neckline

How do you style the kind of neckline that seems un-stylable? Let me give  you some advice when tackling the dreaded asymmetric neckline. Fear not ladies, it is simpler than you may have thought. Asymmetry attracts asymmetry. Start looking for necklaces that aren't symmetrical. The more unique, the better. You can usually find something truly unique when it is handmade. I've picked out a few pieces that will help you to embrace the unconventional, and wear jewellery that has an edge to it. Be different, buy different, wear different.

Asymmetric necklaces also work well with jewellery that breaks the mould. I'm talking pieces that play on proportion, with the inclusion of extra large pearls or gems. Experiment with  your style this year, and truly step outside of the box. 


 Asymmetrical Big Fence Necklace   Yellow Gold Plated Malachite Nugget Necklace   Sterling Silver, Black & Gold Dot & Disc Necklace

Katarina Cudic | Asymmetrical Big Fence Necklace | £659.00

High Neckline 

I'm currently based in the UK, so the high neckline jumper is a part of my wardrobe for every season. A handy high neckline will see me through td winters and cold *sigh* summers. The good news is, that high necklines and turtlenecks can actually look just as stylish, if not more stylish, than their counterparts. One of my favourite things to do with high necks is to layer necklaces. Chains are very much on trend at the moment, and they can be layered alongside smaller dainty pieces. Altogether, you will achieve a chic and statemented look. 

Remember: wearing a jumper doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice on style. 

Gold Temple Chain Necklace | BuDhaGirl   Rose Gold Vermeil Compassion Buddha Charm Necklace   Irish 6 Pence Gold Plated Coin

Katie Mullally | Irish 6 Pence Gold Plated Coin | £149.00

Scoop Neckline

A scoop neckline is flattering, feminine and sexy at the same time. Women of all ages and all styles can pull of this classic look, especially when it's finished off with a gorgeous piece of unique handcrafted jewellery.

Fill the space by wearing longer pendant, and necklaces that have multi-strands of beads and pearls. This will add dimension to a rather understated neckline. Adding a bit of flair to your everyday style through jewellery is something we should all be doing.

Chic White Gold Black Onyx Tassel Necklace   Multi Pearl Encased Gold Vermeil Necklace   Sterling Silver Bezel Peach Moonstone Elephant Clasp Necklace

Joseph Lamsin Jewellery | Multi Pearl Encased Gold Vermeil Necklace | £387.00

Deep Neckline 

Sexy and sultry evening attire can be difficult to accessorise, but a deep neckline is the perfect style for a delicate and elegant necklace placement. Subtly draw the eye to this area with jewellery that glistens when the light hits it. I'm talking diamonds and gems, something to really make people go "wow".

There's lots of space to cover here, so you can really do whatever takes your fancy. A choker would be equally as effective as a drop pendant. Take a look at my top picks for this neckline, and consider using the space as a canvas to express your individuality. 

Innocence Silver Drop Necklace   Duende long necklace   Large Multi Colour Long Necklace

Yen Jewellery | Innocence Silver Drop Necklace | £240.00