I met my husband when we were studying Biology in University but it was Chemistry between us. We spent time on a trip together and I fell over heels. After finishing University and struggling financially while he worked delivering pizzas and I finished my MSc he saved up in secret to buy me an engagement ring ( platinum ring with princess cut 1/3ct diamond).

We went to Prague for a weekend getaway. The city was beautiful and the buildings were amazing. In the evening we slept but he went out for a walk alone and was gone for an hour.

Early the next morning he woke me up saying he had seen a video online about the sunrise on Charles Street Bridge and we should try to catch it. Groggy I wanted my sleep but he was excited and I agreed to go - my hair all greasy and messed up and just bundled in my clothes from the day before. On the bridge the fog was thick and we could hardly see. It was incredibly beautiful but he looked agitated. I asked him if he was ok and he looked really upset. He explained we couldn't see the sunrise because of the fog but I didn't mind - then swarms of tourists unloaded off buses and the bridge became packed with people. He looked upset and worried and I wasn't sure why he was like that. He suddenly smiled and grabbed my hand and said follow me and led me off the bridge to a pretty little garden on the side of the river. It was lovely but then I heard a man snoring on a bench. Again he looked upset and I found the whole thing really weird. Lets get some breakfast he said and we went and got some fresh croissants from a little bakery and wandered through the old town. When we stepped into St Wencelas square it was unrecognisable. Sunlight poured into the square and a bright blue sky lit it up. The square, which had been packed the night before with people and burger shacks was empty. There was only us there are the astronomical clock went off with only us watching it. We sat down on a bench surrounded by long grass flowers in the middle of the square and it was beautiful. Just then he smiled, looked at me and asked me to put down my croissant. I did as he asked and he got down on one knee made a small speech and asked me to marry him. I can't remember what he said because I was just shouting yes!

He probably couldn't understand me because although he had told me to put down the croissant I had a bit in my mouth and pastry flakes were going everywhere - I looked such a mess that pigeons suddenly descended to eat the croissant bits that I was now accidentally throwing everywhere in my excitement. It was like clapping of their little wings. He held out the ring box and put it on and we hugged.

It was the best proposal I could have asked for - although I didn't look very glam. We returned later and once again the square was packed and the shacks had been dropped off the back a van and were selling burgers. It was like for a few minutes we had been transported to a secret Prague just for the two of us. It was perfect to me.