Alberta Ferretti Fall 2015 - Images sourced from REX and Pinterest

Our theme of the week is Renaissance, a trend that dates back to the 14th Century. The Renaissance marked a cultural, political, economic and artistic shift, from the Middle Ages to a period of modernity. During the 1300s - 1600s, the Renaissance period promoted the rediscovery of art, literature and philosophy. In fashion, the Renaissance explored different styles, fabrics and clothes and jewellery became more embellished.

As we have seen from countless high-end brands and runway collections, the fashion industry loves to look back in time for inspiration. The Renaissance sparked a time of change, development of style and is still seen in jewellery today. 

What is Renaissance?

Valentino Fall 2016

Inspired by the Renaissance period, renaissance jewellery is elegant and opulent. Featuring bold colours, embellished patterns and the finest gemstones, the Renaissance theme is all about extravagance. Renaissance jewellery is inspired by gemstones, Gothic style and regality, motifs that are seen storming down the runway.

The Renaissance was a time to explore new styles and no two jewellery pieces were the same. Renaissance jewellery could be bright with gemstones or dark with Gothic features. Gemstones are a big part of Renaissance jewellery. Pearl chokers, rock-sized gems and oversized necklaces with a centrepiece gemstone were over the top, extravagant and typically worn by women. Rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires were the most common gems seen in Renaissance fashion. Renaissance jewellery could also be inspired by Gothic motifs. Dark colours and shadows combined with architectural structures gave jewellery more dimension.

Renaissance is a great way to add texture, colour and bold designs into your jewellery repertoire. Let’s take a look at how the experts do it...

Renaissance on the runway

Peter Pilotto SS19

The Renaissance trend resurfaces year upon year. High-end fashion brands like Alberta Ferretti, Valentino and Peter Pilotto, are seen borrowing from the era and re-birthing and updating it for the 21st century. Embroidery, collars and puffed sleeves are regularly seen at fashion shows, inspired by Middle Ages fashion.

In 2015, Alberta Ferretti debuted their Fall collection, where they featured embellished and colourful embroidery. The dresses that showcased this embroidery were in the traditional Renaissance style. Cinched at the waist, with oversized poofy skirts with the main pattern adorned on the chest was reinvented from the Middle Ages to something fashionistas could wear in the modern day. The dresses were regal looking and featured high collars, reaching up towards the neck.

Valentino’s Fall collection in 2016 was held on the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. The collection was Elizabethan themed with Italian Renaissance qualities. The outfits featured corsets, puffed sleeves and high ruffs. In SS19, Peter Pilotto gave the Juliet sleeve a reinvention. The Juliet sleeve is traditionally known for the billowing fabric that starts from the shoulder and flows down to the wrist, where it is fastened tightly with a cuff. These dresses and shirts were flowy, colourful and the Juliet sleeve allowed Peter Pilotto to create a voluminous silhouette.

Jewellery brands that specialise in Renaissance

Renaissance fashion can easily be replicated by jewellery, if you don’t feel like wearing the traditional dress. Incorporate gemstones, bold rings, patterns, collars and cuffs into your look to inject some Renaissance glamour.

Australian jewellery brand, Metal Couture specialises in Gothic creations, oversized bold designs and beautiful gemstones. The designer, William based his collection around his fascination for Gothic, music icons and the Latin term “Memento Mori” - “Remember you are mortal”. Primarily using silver and gold metals, the designs are far from simple, with intricate patterns and a dark and edgy vibe. From Gothic romance to imperial opulence, the exquisite contradictions in Metal Couture’s designs fuse to form pieces of pure luxury. Metal Couture’s pieces are perfect for the Renaissance theme, blending the opulence of gemstones and Gothic architecture to create an extravagant look. Discover more here.


Metal Couture Euphoria Triumph Ring, Pure Absolution Earrings & Red Monarch Ring | £1,395.00, £631.00 & £469.00

GREGORY CRAWFORD DESIGN is a brand based in the United States. Gregory creates high art in the form of fine jewellery, using traditional techniques, tools and precious materials. Gregory focuses on making his jewellery focused around grace, beauty and pleasing symmetry. His collection of necklaces are perfect for the Renaissance trend, as they blend the oversized style of the Renaissance necklace with the beauty and colour of gemstones. Discover more here.


GREGORY CRAWFORD DESIGN | 18kt Yellow Gold Endless Summer Pendant Necklace18kt Yellow Gold Cat's Eye Tourmaline Ring & 18kt Yellow Gold The Great Spirit Necklace | £9,548.00, £10,745.00 & £8,494.00

German designer Christiane Bekk created her brand Goldspindel - Christiane Bekk with a wish to create jewellery for women who love their femininity. Inspired by nature, Christiane creates jewellery that is both feminine, extravagant and regal. Using luxurious and precious gemstones like pearls and sapphires, she creates pieces that rival the crown jewels. Discover more here.


Goldspindel - Christiane Bekk | Gold & Pearl Tahiti-Dream NecklaceYellow Gold Elfin Water Drop Earrings & Yellow Gold Rhapsody In Lilac Necklace | £2,794.00, £2,855.00 & £3,021.00