Californian designer, Julez Bryant, discovered the world of jewellery over a decade ago as a result of friendship, tragedy and chance. The first piece she made was a necklace featuring a selection of crystals, including a charm that had been gifted to her by a friend shortly before she passed away. When a boutique owner spotted the necklace, he asked to see more of Julez’s work; she returned home, and created new designs from her grandmother’s collection of costume jewellery. And so Julez Bryant was born. We chat to Julez about the heart-warming story behind her Skye necklace.


When did you launch the necklace?

“The Skye necklace was first launched in 2013.”

What is the inspiration behind the necklace?

“I’m a proud mother to my daughter, Gia, and my son, Myles. Ever since Gia and Myles were babies, I would tell them that I love them as much as the sky and the ocean and wanted to create a delicate pendant that would represent the sea and stars. I created the Skye pendant to be worn as a talisman of love. The starburst patter of 7 diamonds could be stars, or the rays of sunshine, setting over the ocean.”


How is the necklace crafted?


“Our master jewellers roll out the gold and cut each little Skye pendant disc. They then hammer each disc into its own unique circle, and hand-set the diamonds.”

What makes this necklace unique?

“Every pendant is made by hand and no two are exactly alike. The hammered finish and delicate etching bears the signature of the jeweller whose hands created the piece. The Skye pendant is beautiful worn alone on a delicate chain, but also layers wonderfully with many of our other pendants and is often worn together with our Deft or Megg pendants.”

What do you hope someone feels whilst wearing this piece?

“I hope that one feels loved beyond measure - as much as the ocean and the sky - when wearing the beautiful Skye pendant. It is a daily reminder of love. It is intended to be a gift of love, either for oneself or as a gift for a beloved.”

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