Spring/Summer is the time for vibrant patterns, funky textures and most importantly… lots and lots of colour! With the warmer temperatures approaching, calling for us to shed our layers, it signals for us to get our Spring/Summer wardrobes ready. Pack away your knitted jumpers and woolly hats. It’s time for floral dresses, bikinis and crop tops.

When it comes to fashion, Spring/Summer allows you to express yourself with colours and patterns. Pick from pretty pastels or go for something vibrant and over the top. Pick a staple colour and explore it from its pastel tones to its bright hues, showing your wardrobes’ progression from Spring to Summer. This is easy to do with clothes, but what about jewellery?

Here are 5 Spring/Summer colours that you need to be wearing this Summer and how to style it with jewellery.

Living Coral

Living Coral is the Pantene Colour of the Year for 2019. It is a wonderful Spring colour, full of vibrancy and brightness. The pink-orange colour has a gold hue and soft tone, perfect for casual outfits but just as easy to spruce up for an evening look. The colour coral works perfectly with similar colours like pink or orange. Its brightness also works well to add a pop of colour to a black and white ensemble. With jewellery, a pair of coral earrings will warm up the skin and draw all the attention to your face. Accessorise with coral jewellery for a radiant glow that makes a bold statement.


Victoria Six Penrose Pink Coral Earrings (Left)| £857.00
Deborah Blyth Jewellery Rose Gold Adjustable Coral Ring (Middle)| £70.00
Marcello Riccio | Coral, Gold & Diamond Earrings (Right)| £600.00

Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is the perfect addition to a Spring outfit. It is pretty, feminine and subtle, adding just the right amount of colour to any outfit. As we transition into Summer, explore the colour of pink and try different shades to dress up your look and make it more exciting. Choose from light pink to a bright Barbie colour and even delve into the the realms of lilac. With pink, you can be as subtle or as flamboyant as you like! Pink goes well with a variety of colours. Pastel pink works beautiful with similar pastel tones, like mint green or a soft yellow colour. Like coral, pink warms up skin tone. Add a bright pink statement necklace to an office outfit and make a lasting impression.


Kate Dumbleton Jewellery Sterling Silver Sweetie Earrings (Left)| £75.00
NH-Art Pink Cube Necklace in Resin (Middle)| £55.00
Oh my Christine Jewelry | Pink Pearl Ring (Right)| £429.00

Warm Yellow

Yellow is practically the colour of Summer! It is seen everywhere - the sun, the flowers and now, you! Like pink, explore the different tones of yellow. Keep it light with lemon tones or challenge the sun with bright yellow. Yellow brightens up any look and is the colour of happiness, so adorn yourself with yellow accessories that will make you and those around you beam from ear to ear. Don’t forget! The most popular jewellery is a similar yellow hue… gold! If you want to keep your Summer look classic and simple, decorate yourself with gold accessories that even the sun will envy.


Verifine London Yellow Sapphire Full Eternity Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold (Left)| £450.00
Cristina Cipolli Jewellery Yellow Gold Vermeil Cut-Out Sharch Bangle (Middle)| £800.00
Nobahar Design | MyCity Tehran Ring in Yellow (Right)| £62.00

Bright Orange

Dynamic and energetic, orange is a hard colour to miss and can be equally as hard to pull off. But with jewellery, the possibilities are endless. Pick from light, bright or burnt orange and create a powerful look. Orange works well with few colours, because of its vibrancy. Wear orange accessories to spice up an all black ensemble or match bright with bright and create an all orange look.


Olivia Leone Rhodium Plated Silver Orange Cocktail Earrings (Middle)| £66.00

Bold Blue

From royal blue to dusty blue, this colour is bold, sophisticated and loved by millions. Princess blue has recently been storming down the runway and has become a staple favourite in Spring/Summer wardrobes. It’s fresh, cool and brings a gorgeous depth to the Summer colour palette. Blue is so versatile and can be worn with anything! Grab a pair of princess blue earrings and matching necklace, to create a stunning look that will leave everyone in awe.


Nadia Minkoff Sterling Silver Plated Blue Shimmer Kate Cocktail Ring (Left)| £38.00
Kit Heath Manhattan Blue Ombre Necklace (Middle)| £175.00
Socheec | Blue Opal Stud Earrings (Right)| £1,457.00