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As Valentine’s Day is looming, heart-shaped symbols, glittering diamonds, and gorgeous gemstones are creeping slowly into our minds. It seems that nothing says ‘I love you’ quite as glamorously as diamond jewellery. Whether you’re hoping for a Valentine’s Day engagement, an elegant necklace, or you’re boycotting the day with humour, we have a piece of jewellery for every Valentine’s Day attitude. You won’t be surprised to learn that gifting jewellery as tokens of love is an age-old pastime. Diamonds are among the most rare and precious elements known to man, and so gifting a piece of diamond jewellery quite literally shows that they’re ‘one-in-a-million’. However… this is only one side of the coin.

Of course, love, devotion and romance are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. But lust, sex and erotica are also common associations with the universal day of love. Erotic jewellery, in fact, has a long history. 19th century timepieces concealing scandalous bedroom scenes often sell for thousands of pounds at auction, exemplifying some of the earliest displays of erotica in jewellery. If it amuses you to think of the prude Victorians glimpsing at the scandalous scenes painted within their timepieces, join me and discover the sweet, the sensual, and the scandalous history of romantic jewellery. It seems the line between love and lust is very thin indeed...

La Legende 

La Legende Heart Shape Pave diamond Drop Earrings

Harry Kotlar  | Heart Shape Pave diamond Drop Earrings | £38,528.00

La Legende is renowned for its impeccable symmetry and polish. The necklace is a heart cut diamond set between a string of pearls and two round diamonds. It is signed by renowned Parisian jewellers, Boehmer and Bassenge and sold at auction to an anonymous buyer for $15 million. The diamond and pearl necklace was commissioned by King Louis XV of France in the 18th century, for he desired a necklace of superior beauty and wealth. A flawless diamond for a flawless lady perhaps? For premium craftsmanship that won't set you back $15 million, gift your lady Harry Kotlar's Heart Shape Pave diamond Drop Earrings. 

 Prince Albert's Sapphire and Diamond Brooch

Prince Albert's Sapphire and Diamond Brooch Sapphire Barrel Chain Ring

Conges | Sapphire Barrel Chain Ring | £78.00

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s relationship is renowned for its intense affection and devotion. The Queen wrote openly about her ‘angel’ Albert and her unconditional love for him, all which is symbolised through Prince Albert’s Sapphire Brooch which he gifted the Queen the day before their wedding. The large oblong sapphire is set between 12 round diamonds and encased with gold. The brooch has been passed down to Queen Elizabeth II who is occasionally seen wearing the precious gem. For a modern twist on this romantic classic, choose Conges’ Sapphire Barrel Chain Ring. It’s chic, contemporary, and elegant.

The Blue Belle of Asia

Blue Belle of Asia Baguette Quad Ear Cuff

Borgioni | Baguette Quad Ear Cuff | £3,097.00

Another sapphire… but a sapphire surrounded in scandal. The Blue Belle of Asia weighs an immense 392.52-carats and was discovered in 1926. Its rich and hypnotic blue pools are a spectacle to behold. The jewel was previously owned by Lord Nuffield, a philanthropist and car manufacture. He has intended to gift the Blue Belle to Queen Elizabeth for her coronation, however the gem mysteriously disappeared for almost 80 years before resurfacing at a private auction. The dark mystery behind this gem makes it all the more enticing. Create your own mystery with Borgioni’s Baguette Quad Ear Cuff. The modern form fused with the traditional and classic gemstones will catch the eyes of admirers… so keep it secret and safe.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Bulgari Emerald Necklace

Elizabeth Taylor's Bulgari Necklace Emerald & Diamond Tassel Necklace

RI NOOR | Emerald & Diamond Tassel Necklace | £2,356.00

Elizabeth Taylor was the master of collecting diamonds. Over the various diamonds she collated from her various marriages, the Bulgari Emerald Necklace set gifted to her by Richard Burton, the ‘great love’ of her life, is by far the most impressive. The necklace consists of 16 18.61-carat baguette and square cut emeralds encrusted further in endless white diamonds. If it is true that the only Italian word Taylor knew was ‘Bulgari’, we can understand why with this emerald masterpiece. Harness the Hollywood romance with RI NOOR’s Emerald & Diamond Tassel Necklace. Featuring an enormous 5.80ct emerald and surrounded with a ring of brilliant white diamonds and five diamond tassels, you’ll be radiating romance with this gorgeous pick.

Taboo Timepieces

Allumersutra 13MM Gold Pendant Necklace - Girl And Boy - The 69 Erotic Timepiece Allumersutra 13MM Silver Pendant Necklace - Boy And Boy - The Plough

It seems that our Victorian ancestors are not as prudent and pure as history paints them. Erotic timepieces such as the one above have a long history dating back to the 18th century. These pocket watches were crafted from the finest materials and from renowned design houses such as like Cortébert, Breguet et Fils, and Doxa. Beneath the usually gold or silver case lies various bedroom scenes and erotic images. Even emperors and noblemen have been known to possess such scandalous items. If your Valentine appreciates quirky and cheeky gifts, find a saucy pick from Allumer’s Allumersutra range of erotic jewellery.

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