The JewelStreet Theme of the Week is Texture Torsion. Raw, rugged and organic, Texture Torsion is all about irregular surfaces and tactile forms. It is about jewellery with rough indentations, unusual ridges and perfect imperfections. This theme also champions the beauty of handmade jewellery. No two pieces of handmade jewellery is the same, especially when chiselling, heating and hammering are involved. When you buy something handmade, you know that a great deal of care has gone in to making your jewellery. 

Texture Torsion is jewellery with emotion, as much as it is unconventional designs. Take a look at our top 10 pieces that will add texture and meaning to your everyday style.


Agneta Bugyte - £320

Linked Rod Earrings With Polished & Patinated Silver Stalks

Lithuanian designer, Agneta Bugyte creates jewellery inspired by the natural textures made from earth and fire. She puts this into her jewellery by using a mixture of patinated, polished and matte metals, focusing on gold, black and silver colours. The Linked Rod Earrings are a classic mixture of polished and patinated silver stalks, featuring small circles of 18kt gold. This gives the earrings a smooth yet knobbly texture and the chains complete the rough, edgy design. 


Ed Wilson Jewellery - £160

Barnacle Bangles

Living along the Cornish coast, Ed Wilson takes inspiration from the raw magnitude of the ocean. The Barnacle Bangles pay homage to Lamorna cove and the barnacles that cover the rocks there. The bangles have a rough texture and come in oxidised, brushed or gold vermeil finishes.


Gabrielle Friedman - £1,044

Oxidised Silver Botswana Fluidity Cuff Bracelet

Bracelets, and in particular cuffs, are the best and easiest way to add texture into your everyday look. The Botswana Fluidity Cuff Bracelet is reminiscent of wild animals seen on Safari, specifically zebras. It is powerful and elegant, with a fun open design that allows the skin of the wearer to peek through, adding even more texture to a highly textured piece.


Ilda Design - £270

Silver Necklace With A Piece Of Birch And Cable Chain

Did you ever think that wood could be a part of jewellery? This necklace from Ilda Design features an authentic slice of Norwegian birch. The simple lines that streak through the silver are matched with the original texture of the wood. A minimal piece that keeps you at one with nature.


LuvMyJewelry - £169

Earth & Fire Textured Enamel Band Ring

The Earth & Fire Ring from LuvMyJewelry takes inspiration from mountain terrains and the natural forms made by earth and fire. Red and orange enamel runs through the sterling silver, to mimic the flow of lava. The contrasting colours makes the ring look even more realistic and hot to the touch.


MitziRocks - £2,870

9kt Yellow Gold Ovali Long Necklace

The Ovali Long Necklace from MitziRocks is made of bright 9kt yellow gold and interlocking ovals. It can be worn long or wrapped around for a shorter layered look. The ovals add a pop of golden colour, as well as shape to the piece. The overlapping ovals makes the necklace really stand out and gives an almost three-dimensional feel.


Molten Wedding Rings - £340

Yeo Yellow Gold Ring

For a textured piece which is meaningful and personal, the Yeo Yellow Gold Ring from Molten Wedding Rings is the perfect choice. It is a twist on a traditional wedding ring, with a molten metal texture. It has been casted, filed and hammered to give it its raw elegance. Additionally, if you’re looking for jewellery that has little to no effect on the planet, Molten Wedding Rings creates ethical rings using fairtrade gold.


Nobahar Design - £154

MyCity Tehran Thin Cuff In Cream Pat Gold

The MyCity Tehran Thin Cuff is inspired by the shapes and curves of the Milad or Tehran Tower in Tehran, Iran. Nobahar Design is based on the concept of mix and match, taking heavy inspiration from cities architecture. This cuff adds shape and movement to the arm, and comes in a variety of neutral and bright colours.


Paul Magen - £125

Sterling Silver Alveus Earrings

Looking for texture and sparkle? The Sterling Silver Alveus Earrings from Paul Magen have both in abundance. The silver hoops and casing have been lightly hammered to give an intricate textured surface. The tanzanite gemstones come with their own natural texture and a bright pop of blue.



9kt Rose Gold & Silver Oro Rosa Argento Mini Necklace

While some textured pieces can look harsh, the Oro Rosa Argento Mini Necklace finds the perfect balance between edgy and feminine. The chain of the necklace and the ring centrepiece is a tangle of twists, boasting sparkle from the diamond and blush tones from the 9kt rose gold. It is the perfect piece to give to a loved one or as a treat for yourself.

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