Capture the memories of your special day with JewelStreet’s top 10 Bristol Wedding Photographers. You’ve got the ring. You’ve got the venue. Now, for the photographer. Please, don’t leave it to a friend or family member (unless you love drunken selfies). Go for a professional. If you’re planning a fairytale Bristol wedding, find your wedding photographer below (quick as a flash).

Gavin Jacob Power  2021-04-01

Gavin is an internationally award winning photographer who uses an alternative offbeat style to create unique wedding stories. He pushes the boundaries of wedding photography stereotypes creating artwork that is artistic, beautiful & honest to your wedding day.

Wedding photography with Gavin is more than just the imagery. It is an all around experience. He can help you plan while adding a calming influence to your day. From a wedding photographer you once messaged, to a quirky; floral bowtie wearing; crazy shape throwing close friend; with a camera - who just took the most precious and authentic memories you will ever own. After 7 years, photographing over 200 weddings in 9 countries, he is not short of wedding wisdom too." 


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Albert Palmer Photograthy 

With nine years in the business, 1,750, 274 wedding photos taken and (only) 417 slices of wedding cake consumed, it’s safe to say Albert Palmer knows what he’s doing. Albert captures the big and small moments of your wedding, from the vows, to the bouquet toss, to the pageboy dancing with the flower girl.

Albert takes pictures that create a visual story. He blends into your wedding day, documenting the moments you might have forgotten or missed. His pictures in nature are especially beautiful, always making sure the natural light and textures from the outside compliment you perfectly.

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Photo by Albert Palmer Photography ©


Aston Hue Photography 

Aston Hue Photography know their way around Bristol, having taken wedding photos at almost every Bristol-based venue. Aston Hue pride themselves on being the best in the bizz and knowing the best in the bizz - they are full of handy recommendations for other wedding services. 

Gold Award winner from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, Aston Hue capture the surroundings of the wedding, not just the people. Aston Hue take shots of the wider picture (pardon the pun) and the smaller details that you’d miss if you weren’t close up (sorry, I’ll stop now). From the sparkle of the bride’s shoes, to the unique table settings, they catch every part of the wedding. 

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Photo by Aston Hue Photography ©


Wright Wedding Photography 

Wright Wedding Photography comprises of dynamic duo and married couple, Chris and Jessica. These two go to extreme lengths to get the perfect shot, from lying in a cow pat, to splitting their trousers climbing a tree. Whatever type of pictures you want, they’re ready and willing to do it. 

Chris and Jessica bring the fun with their photography. While they’re taking photos around the wedding, they also provide everyone’s favourite thing at an event... a photo booth. So while they get the official wedding shots, you can take as many selfies as you like. If you’re looking for the (w)right photographer, look no further than Wright Wedding Photography. 

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Photo by Wright Wedding Photography ©


Matt Gutteridge Photography 

If you’re not a fan of photos and are a bit camera shy, Matt Gutteridge is your man. Much like a spy, Matt blends into the background unseen and unheard… except for the click of his camera. Even then, his equipment is fairly discrete so you can enjoy your day without worrying about having a camera shoved in your face.

Matt Gutteridge has an authentic, fun and real style. He won’t ask you to contort into weird shapes or awkward poses. He definitely won’t ask you to say cheese. He’s there to make your wedding day enjoyable and easy. You have the fun. Leave the rest to him. 

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Photo by Matt Gutteridge Photography ©


Brad Wakefield Photography 

Brad Wakefield’s photography is honest, artistic and full of fun: everything you need on your wedding day. With a natural documentary style, Brad takes unique shots with minimal staging. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be herded around for shots, but Brad does his work quickly, naturally and flatteringly. 

For the tech-savvy out there, Brad provides drone photography, giving you a bird’s eye view of your venue and the stunning scenery that surrounds it. So while you’re outside enjoying a drink and a dance, Brad is watching from above (in a non-creepy way of course), capturing every aspect of your wedding. 

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Photo by Brad Wakefield Photography ©



Hacker is an alternative photographer, who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and take it that one step further. His work is distinctive and stands out from the crowd, exploring the edgier side of weddings. His photos tell a story, let your personality shine through and his shoots are elaborate and catered to you.

Stray away from the staged and traditional wedding photos. Hacker’s pictures are quirky, creative and editorial. Whatever your wedding style, he will show off the beauty of your day and give it a Hacker twist.

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Photo by Hacker ©


Ellie Lou Photography 

For wedding photos that are natural, light and stylish, you need Ellie Lou Photography. Her photography style is relaxed and she uses natural lighting to create soft images that don’t need any retouching. If however you do need retouching, she is able to do that too!

Having lived by the coast for several years, Ellie Lou thrives in an outdoor setting, using the scenery around her to make you look luminous and radiant. If you’re having a countryside or beach wedding, Ellie Lou is the one to take your photos.

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Photo by Ellie Lou Photography ©


Neil Atkinson

Neil Atkinson has been a photographer for over 30 years so if you want an expert, you’re looking at the right person. Neil has an artistic eye for detail and captures genuine emotion and unscripted moments. 

He may have his own signature style, but Neil understands that every wedding and every couple is different. He caters his style to you and won’t make you stand around for hours to get the perfect shot. Neil Atkinson captures every detail you could possibly think of. If you’re a lover of candid shots, then Neil is your number one choice for a wedding photographer.

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Photo by Neil Atkinson Wedding Photography ©


The Studio Without Walls

Adrian Neil, a.k.a The Studio Without Walls, has a strong documentary style which gives a fun behind-the-scenes record of your wedding. Adrian’s photos are a mixture of posed and natural, dramatic and subtle, so your wedding album is full of different styles and shots.

Adrian takes a mix of colourful photos and black and white snapshots. The black and white pics have an old Hollywood style and a vintage vibe, so you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

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Photo by The Studio Without Walls ©

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