Jewellery to wear on holiday

Holiday essentials always get boiled down to two things. Clothes and toiletries. But... what about your jewellery? Accessories are often an afterthought when packing a suitcase. Is it because you fear losing your valuables when you’re away? Is it because you think that you can’t partake in holiday activities whilst wearing your jewellery?

These are common fears, but they’re not fears that should prevent you from looking and feeling your absolute best while you’re away. Just a few essential pieces of jewellery will set you up for the holiday of your dreams. 

Take a look at the top 5 jewellery items you should be taking on holiday with you this year. Perfect for any Instagram post, and guaranteed to reel in the likes...

Simple studs for the day

Holiday jewellery needs to be versatile. Because you’re only taking a few pieces with you, they need to match every outfit you will be wearing. The simpler the items, the easier the styling. The simpler the studs, the more relaxed you will be. Nobody wants to stress about creating a cohesive style when on holiday. 

The other great thing about stud earrings is that they don’t get in the way. That means that you can wear them hiking, kayaking and sunbathing. There are no restrictions when it comes to stud earrings. You can pop them on and forget about them. You may not realise that they are there, but other people definitely will. And they will be envious.

14kt Gold Star Studs Earrings   18kt White Gold Stud Earrings I   Sterling Silver San Shi Citrine Stud Earrings

XISSJEWELLERY | 14kt Gold Star Studs Earrings | £90.00
CRESBER | 18kt White Gold Stud Earrings I | £236.00

Drop earrings for the evening

So, you’ve got your jewellery for the day. But what about taking jewellery for the evening too? If you’re anything like me and my friends, you’ll have packed a number of outfits for any potential night out. Fine dining? Clubbing? Theatre performance? You name it. Here at JewelStreet, we have the jewellery to carry you through every night of the holiday week.

Susan Driver Holiday Jewellery

Susan Driver | Yellow Gold Plated Oceania Cowrie Hoops, Yellow Gold Plated Oceania Ark Hoops | £206.00 and £206.00

A selection of rings to stack

In the interest of packing light, choose a few statement pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different looks. Rings are often forgotten, and wrongly so. Rings are chic and eye catching… not to mention lightweight and comfortable. 

Taking a selection of different rings with you is a great idea. This will enable you to mix and match styles, and switch up the order in which you wear your jewellery. It will look like you’ve changed your jewellery, when really you’ve just paired them with another understated piece you also packed.

Yellow Gold Flat Stacking Ring

Laura Adele Jewellery | Yellow Gold Flat Stacking Ring | £90.00

Pretty pendants for the beach

You probably have your favourite necklace or pendant that you wear on the daily in normal life. Why not switch it up for your holiday? Out with the old and in with the new. Holidays are the best excuse to buy yourself new pieces. 

A pendant can be easily dressed up or dressed down. Check out this gorgeous large wishbone charm by Katie Mullally. It is well-loved by many, including celebrities like Ferne McCann who chose to wear it on ITV’s Loose Women yesterday.

Large Gold Plated Wishbone Charm

Katie Mullally | Large Gold Plated Wishbone Charm | £330.00

A one-off statement piece 

Something happens to us all when we are on holiday. We feel liberated. We feel free. People tend to experiment more with their style when they’re in a different location. The sun brings out the best in all of us. Why not try something a little different like this gorgeous floral pink ring from Nobahar Design?

Top Tip: Don’t put your expensive jewellery in your suitcase. If you feel more relaxed keeping an eye on it, then pop it in your hand luggage. That way, when you’re going through airport security you don’t have to take them off and put them back on again. Nobody wants to be the person that holds up the queue!

My Little Perfume Ring In Pink

Nobahar Design | My Little Perfume Ring In Pink | £54.00