Opal jewellery gifts

Those with October birthdays have the pleasure of having opals as their birthstones. Each gemstone is beautiful in its own way, but opals have a unique allure which makes opal jewellery highly sought-after. Perhaps it’s because each opal is one-of-a-kind. From dusty pink opals to psychedelic-marked opals, there is a perfect opal for every individual.

Why not get ahead of the game and treat a loved one to a piece of opal jewellery they’ll adore for their October birthday. Birthstone jewellery is a gift full of sentiment and care. It shows that you’ve spent time on choosing a gift that is simply perfect for that one individual, and them alone. With a gemstone as divine as opals, you’ll certainly be in the recipient’s good books for a very long time…

Discover the top 7 opal birthstone jewellery picks. From elegant earrings to chic stacking rings, they’ll love these jewels for years to come.

Lavan Earrings - £55

opal earrings

These earrings are handmade by prestigious design house Lavan. Featuring an iridescent white opal suspended on an elegant and understated drop design, these earrings will add a contemporary edge to any outfit. Imagine how loved and glamorous they’ll feel with these beautiful earrings glittering in the life. Affordable yet made to the highest quality, shock them with your impeccable taste this October.

Sharon Mills London Ring - £70

opal ring
There’s only one left of this dazzling opal ring, so be sure to snap it up for your loved one before someone else does. Featuring a shining succession of opals and rainbow moonstones, this ring is a spectrum of radiant colours and light. Sharon Mills London handcraft beautiful jewellery for the modern woman. Their jewellery stands alone or can be mixed and matched with other designs in their collections. But with this ring poised alone on their finger this October, they’ll feel like the height of sophistication.


Jewels of Kim Studs - £75

Opal earrings

Do you know someone who loves to channel glamour every single day? Who always leaves the house looking like a Hepburn or Monroe icon? Then they’ll adore these opulent earrings by Jewels of Kim. Featuring two pear-shaped opals and adorned with gleaming white gemstones, these earrings demand admiration. Jewels of Kim have been creating dazzling gemstone pieces for almost 50 years. Invest in a luxury piece by a renowned designer.


Marcello Riccio Ring - £110

Opal ring

London-based jewellery designer Marcello Riccio creates sleek pieces full of class and sophistication. Focussing on clean shapes, expertly-cut gemstones and precise designs, this jewellery is for the modern woman who exudes power. The white opals are enhanced by the warm and romantic tones of the rose gold plating, forming a feminine piece that’s strong and elegant.

Ileava jewelry Necklace- £622

opal necklace

Gift your beau some celestial magic for their birthday with ileava jewelry’s opal and star necklace. This unusual design features a rare boulder opal shaped in a triangle, a design you don’t see often with opal jewellery. The glittering opal is held together with a silver setting, adorned with a star fastening on the chain. Unique and dainty, this beautiful design will elevate their style to cosmic realms.

Master Jewelry by John Ring - £548

opal ring

LA is the city of glamour. Luxury, excessive, yet endlessly desirable, the fashion of LA emanates opulence. Everyone deserves to indulge in some luxury now and then, and this ring by Master Jewelry by John is the perfect place to start. Just look at that incredible design. Featuring an oval oval, three plush red rubies, and a halo of diamonds, this breathtaking design will certainly make someone’s birthday one they’ll never forget.

Bergsoe Necklace - £1,962

Opal necklace

Copenhagen-based brand Bergsoe champion individuality and cutting-edge perfection through their unique pieces. The seafire necklace features vivid fire opals combined with a warm palette of pearls, rubies and diamonds. This one-of-a-kind necklace is fiery, striking and beautifully authentic. With this necklace, not only do you invest in a quality design worth treasuring, you gain a piece by a notorious designer at the top of the industry.