The smaller things pack the biggest punch! This week, we’re getting back to jewellery basics and looking at small, delicate and dainty jewellery, also known as ‘Pretty Petites’. Less is more and minimalist jewellery has become a huge trend over the recent years. As jewellery has become more of an everyday staple rather than saved for special occasions, the need for understated and petite jewellery has risen. Jewellery doesn’t have to be ‘in-your-face’ all the time. Sometimes the more subtle designs are the most effective and make the biggest statement.

Rings are a constant in anyone’s style. Whether it’s an engagement ring, signet ring or a cocktail ring, rings can be easily incorporated into an everyday look. Petite rings are dainty, understated and glamorous and have the ability to stand alone or be part of a bigger ensemble. Wear petite rings on the daily to elevate your style, no matter where you’re going or the occasion. Petite rings come in all different shapes and styles - just because it’s minimal, doesn’t mean it’s plain and boring. Choose from sculptural pieces, bold designs and understated metals for a petite and minimalist look.

At JewelStreet, we have fabulous designers who specialise in the over-the-top and the flashy, and others who showcase the minimal and the classic. For petite rings, look no further than these five brands who specialise in minimalist and simple jewellery with striking and stunning results.

Laura Adele Jewellery

With a background as a graphic designer, Laura Adele Vanderslott combined her love of beautiful objects and passion for making things with her own hands and created Laura Adele Jewellery. Laura combines modern and traditional metalwork techniques to create her designs and only uses high quality materials, sourcing her gemstones from trusted suppliers. Laura makes jewellery for the modern woman inspired by London style. It’s delicate - but not girly, and tiny - but tough.

Laura Adele Jewellery is small and minimalist yet powerful. The rings are simple and elegant, featuring small and dainty gemstones or plain and simple, showcasing the gorgeous colours of the metals. Some of her rings are specifically designed to be worn on the pinkie finger or as a midi ring. The rings are ideal for stacking to create a layered and textured look, or wear alone for an equally powerful statement.



After studying for a degree in Accessories Design at Central Saint Martins University of Arts, Esra Karadeniz launched EKRIA, which quickly became one of the most promising luxury brands. EKRIA creates minimal, contemporary and futuristic jewellery for both men and women. By rejecting unnecessary flourishes, designer Esra creates sophisticated and subtle designs that have a universal appeal. Alesha Dixon, Ellie Goulding and Nicole Scherzinger have all been photographed wearing EKRIA designs, specifically EKRIA rings.

Favouring minimal and subtle designs, EKRIA has an extensive range of rings in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. EKRIA has rings which feature basic shapes like squares, circles and triangles and more exaggerated sculptures like zigzags, crowns and open bands. By concentrating on a simple metal colour and an interesting shape, EKRIA creates unique and edgy pieces bold enough to wear on their own.


Rosey West

New York designer Michael Dobkin believes that jewellery is a nonverbal way of communicating one’s story. He founded Rosey West to captivate the spark of the creative modern woman into jewellery. Rosey West’s jewellery is intentionally simple and understated, as Michael wants the wearer to imbue it with their own significance and meaning. Designed to form the staple of the everyday woman’s look, Rosey West features fine metals and precious gemstones.

Rosey West rings are delicate, colourful and innovative. In particular, the Pin rings show off the beauty of gemstones, along with clean sharp lines from the gold pins that stretch out over the finger to create more of a statement. Creative enough to be a standalone piece, it is also perfect for a ring stack. Rosey West shows that petite can be beautiful and over-the-top in a simple and understated way.

Rosey West | Petite Rosecut Solitaire Ring, Opal Pin Ring & Dew Drop Diamond Eternity Ring | £335.00, £445.00 & £1,483.00


Fran Regan launched her jewellery brand after completing a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing. She specialises in modern simplicity and unique contemporary designs. By mixing different metal colours, she creates bold and sculptural pieces that are one-of-a-kind and put a twist on traditional and age-old jewellery making techniques.

FRAN REGAN JEWELLERY rings are plain and simple, focusing on the beauty, shine and colour of silver, gold and rose gold metals. Fran’s rings come in tiers, ranging from 3 up to 6. Stacked on the finger, they add a beautiful glow and texture to the hand. The Ancient Ombre Ring is a silver ring that is half dipped into 18kt yellow gold, adding extra colour and gradients to the piece. By concentrating on shape and colour, FRAN REGAN JEWELLERY creates perfect classic jewellery to wear everyday.


FRAN REGAN JEWELLERY | Cosmic Wedding Ring Yellow Gold 4 Tier, Ancient Ombre Ring & Ombre Cosmic Wedding Ring 4 Tier | £1,000.00, £130.00 & £140.00

Rebekah Ann Jewellery

Rebekah Ann is the designer, creator and marketer behind Rebekah Ann Jewellery which she launched in 2002 from her Brighton workshop. Spirituality, positivity and self love runs through her simple and minimal jewellery and empowers anyone who wears the designs. The jewellery has an effortless style that can be easily layered or worn alone for a sophisticated statement look. For the modern woman, Rebekah Ann Jewellery is personal, delicate and perfect for all ages, personalities and occasions.

Rebekah Ann Jewellery rings are simple but are full of creativity and structure. The Yellow Gold Plated 3 Rings are perfectly worn together and add a variation of colour, from yellow to silver to black. The Ouroboros Rings represent unity, infinity and wholeness. The simple colour and band is made more interesting and eye catching with the open circle perched atop of the ring, drawing the eye to the wearer's skin below it. Rebekah Ann Jewellery may be minimal but it makes a powerful statement.


Rebekah Ann Jewellery Silver Ouroboros Ring, Yellow Gold Plated 3 Rings & Yellow Gold Plated Ouroboros Ring | £75.00, £85.00 & £85.00